Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The recommendation of the Sandiganbayan, First Division, is really surprising.  Just a few days ago, after the news came out that Masaranga Umpa, 73, former assemblyman from Lanao del Norte and also former ambassador to Nigeria in  2007, who was just recently sentenced to 52 years for malversation of public funds, is now recommended by Sandiganbayan for executive clemency on account of old age, and several other reasons. The crime was committed in 2007 when, as ambassador to Nigeria, he received $80,478.80 for use in negotiation and repatriation of 25 Filipino seafarers who were kidnapped in Nigeria in February 2007. I understand his connections in the government during the term of GMA, whose administration  was riddled with various cases of graft and corruption must have exerted strong efforts to repay him for this kind of recommendation. We should know that many of the  "crooks" in GMA administration before are now in the good graces of P-Noy because they already transferred their allegiance to P-Noy as "political butterflies." And they are now the one strongly urging for this recommendation to repay their gratitude to him. But nobody asked what happened to the 25 seafarers who were supposed to be the recipient of such big money assistance to bail them out of their big problem. This is a one-sided and shameless recommendation which ought to be thrashed to the nearest garbage immediately!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled, "Sandiganbayan recommends executive clemency for ex-envoy." It came out in March 28, 2015.


By appointing these three people - former CJ Hilario Davide Jr., business tycoon Jaime Augusto Zobel, and Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle - to review on the  BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law), Pres. Aquino may be contemplating that he can use these respected and honorable personalities to favorably endorse the approval of the BBL. But quite understandably, these 3 personalities are expected to burn their midnight candles to  scrutinize this BBL and are expected to come up with their clean assessment and understanding  of what it really is: "to call a spade a spade," in the real sense of the word. The people's eyes are now focused to their assigned task and they are expected to come up with a different track,  not like the route traversed by Ma. Teresa Deles and Miriam Coronel Ferrer, our two government negotiators about the BBL whose leanings and interpretation about their work seemed to favor the MILF's side instead of working for the interest of our country.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Editorial - Independent BBL review could backfire on Aquino." It came out on March 23, 2015.


What is missing in your editorial is the practical answer to the most urgent question: If Mayor Mike Rama was reasonable in his decision to have the old CCMC building demolished, how come up to now the CCMC construction is still in the blueprint and has not started yet? If he did not make a rush decision to demolish the old building and he was practical enough to listen to the suggestions of some city leaders to have the building retrofitted and to make major repairs in some strategic portions of the building, the required expenditure will not be the same as the P1.5B estimate for the 10-story buIlding of the new CCMC hospital. Because Mayor Mike was thinking big that people will praise him to high heavens because of his lofty dreams to have a modern hospital but the problem is: He has no financial plans to back him up. What can you do with a dream? Does the mayor find himself in a better position now that  more than one year and his modern building has not even started an inch? City Councilor Sisinio Andales is right that the people are now put in a tight situation because the  present state of our temporary hospital can only accommodate 108 patients not like before where it can accept 300 patients and the hospital services is now downgraded to Level I instead of Level III? The services of a truly functioning hospital may not look very urgent and important to Mayor Mike because if his family needs hospital services there's no problem with him because he is rich and he can go to first class hospitals. But what about the poor city residents who only look up to the city government for their medical needs because they cannot afford to go to other hospitals?

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "What's next for the CCMC?" It came out on March 29, 2015.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: MAPASANGINLON SI MIKE???

Kini si Mayor Mike Rama wa nay makalabaw sa iyang gibuhat nga kusog kaayo mopasangil sa mga tawo nga kuno maoy nakaingon nga ang iyang CCMC hangtud karon wa pa gyung kabarug human sa hapit na dul-an sa duha ka tuig human siya mimando nga kini iyang ipaguba tungod kay magtukod siya ug moderno ug bag-ong ospital. Si Cong. Raul del Mar, kansang mga proyekto sama sa "flyover" iyang gihingusgan sa pagbabag nga maayo na lang unta to kay aron makatabang sa nagkagrabe nga problema nato sa trapiko dinhi sa syudad, iyang gipasanginlan nga kuno mipugong sa DOH (Department of Health) aron dili siya kahatagan ug pundo alang sa CCMC.  Hangtud si Cong. Bebot Abellanosa nga duna untay ipatukod nga building diha sa Labangon alang sa mga senior citizen nga dunay kabilinggan sa  panglawas, wa mahinayon tungod kay gihudlat kuno ni Mayor Mike ang  iyang kontraktor. Ug siya nagtuo nga kadtong mga tawo nga nanglabay ug bato sa mga trabahante sa kontraktor mga tawo to ni Mayor Mike. Basta mga proyekto gani nga gipangamahanan sa iyang mga kaatbang sa politika bisan pa ug kini dako kaayo ug ikatabang sa katawhan sa maong dapit iya dayong babagan ni Mayor Mike. Unya karon, siya maoy kusog kaayo nga mamasangil?

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a column of Leo Lastimosa for The FREEMAN, entitled, "Lalis sa CCMC." It came out on March 30, 2015.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


It's quite understandable how hard it is to lose our mother. My mother died in April 1995 at 87 just like the age of Atty. JBJ's mom when his mother passed  away. In the States, where my wife continues to work as a caregiver even at 67, she told me most of the old men in retirement homes always talk about how they loved their moms. And it's not surprising because mothers are already there from the moment a child first opens his eyes to see the world up to the time the child grows up and builds a family of his own, until the mother could see her  grandkids growing up under her watchful eyes. But we have to realize that all of us are here on this planet on a borrowed life. And we can only be thankful for those of us who are lucky enough to have seen and witnessed our mothers turning to their old age until they unite with our Creator. Yes, of all people, our mother has the lasting memory to haunt us forever!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez for The FREEMAN, entitled, "When you lose a mother, you lose almost everything." It came out on March 29, 2015.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


If P-Noy thinks he cannot cope up successfully the mental, physical and personal acumen of a good leader needed to lead the country, why didn't he give it up to other more qualified persons, why didn't he give it up to others who may well have the capability to rule the country without endangering the lives of our soldiers in some sensitive issues like what happened in Mamasapano? If he feels he has some unnecessary baggage with him that could hinder him from serving the country as expected of a true and good leader, the best thing he should have done was to be honest with himself and not try to accept it and make some terrible lapses after all. I don't think out of 100M Filipinos there is no one capable of leading the country effectively as what the Filipinos want him to be. But when he started his term and he accepted into his fold the "political butterflies" from GMA's party who were already notoriously known to have committed some corrupt practices under GMA, that presumably have already earmarked his 6-year-term presidency as having the tendency to be doomed in the long run because he cannot discipline them because they now belong to his political party. That is what made him "swell-headed" because most of the time they were only trying to flatter him even if he was already not in the right direction of his leadership to lead the country.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by Atty. JBJ for The FREEMAN, entitled, "When a leader carries a wounded heart." It came out on March 26, 2015.


You messed up the whole thing. While the "suspension order" of the Ombudsman was already known but under the law it still has to be personally served to Mayor Binay to make it effective, and if there appears to be some constraints and it cannot be possibly served personally, the law requires that it should be sent through registered mail. The "order" was not personally served to Mayor Binay as it was only posted at the entrance of the city hall but the person delegated to "personally serve" it immediately announced thereafter that he had already served it just by posting it at the entrance. Having served it, even if not according to what the law provides, they immediately let their own man - LP VM Pena - to take "oath of office" to clothe him with the legal requirements in conformity with what the law says. In other words, they were using "short cuts" to forcibly promote their own political plans to deprive the people of Makati from the services of Mayor Binay who was mandated by law to serve his constituents as he was the people's choice to rule over them under a free and organized election. The P-Noy administration wants to have the "law of the jungle" to rule in Makati in order to defy the rule of law as per TRO issued by the Court of Appeals. In a democratic country the "rule of law" reigns supreme as nobody is above the law.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled, "Junjun's case reaches SC." It came out on March 26, 2015. The above comment was in reply to an earlier blog posted by one who used a name, "alahoy."


Nahibong ko ni Leo (Lastimosa) sa iyang kolum nga unta lantip man kaayo ni siya modiskutir sa mga isyo kaniadto apan karon imong masabut nga daw sa nagpanagana siya nga mosaway sa gibuhat ni Aquino sa iyang siging pangusog nga kaaprobahan ang BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law). It has been the consensus of some respectable writers and opinion makers that this BBL is not practical and cannot be considered as the real answer to the search for a lasting peaceful  solution in Mindanao as the MILF is not the sole party to claim it has on its behalf the entire voice of the various factions in Mindanao clamoring for independence. And just like the MNLF before, although there was already a "Peace Treaty" signed between Nur Misuari of the MNLF and FVR (Pres. Fidel V. Ramos) in 1996 but it  was not respected and honored because there is another one - the MILF – which the P-Noy administration recognized as the sole body to negotiate with the Philippine government to establish the BBL. Even if the BBL is approved under Aquino's term, there is no guarantee that Mindanao peace can be relied upon as there are still  other factions not included in the search for peace as MILF does not carry the  "united voice" of the other existing factions.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a column of Leo Lastimosa in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Namiligro ang kalinaw." He expressed his personal fears that peace in Mindanao is threatened if the BBL is not approved during Aquino's  term. But a careful analysis of his "fears" is deemed unfounded because the MILF does not carry the unified voice of the other interested players from different factions that also clamor for independence and their side was not given any importance at all in the ongoing search for peace in that area. It came out on March 26, 2015.


It's not my fault if you see my comment appearing twice in this forum for it not only happen to me once but I cannot even count it in my fingers anymore how  my comment, after it has been posted, was just suddenly and surprisingly deleted, so what I did was to do it all over again and good that I now develop a strategy  to always make a draft so that when it is deleted I still have a copy from which  to retype it. But in your case, I think it never occurs to you because the "media forum monitoring" is only doing it to those who defends the side of Binay but to those people like you, who continue to consider as your unblemished "idol" a  leader even though his poll survey rating is now going it worst downward trend, you cannot experience your comment deleted like what they did to me because your cause is to them given "special preference." About DOJ Secretary De Lima, when it comes to the "suspension order" issued by the Ombudsman, wherein her statement is used as the headline that "CA can't stop suspension of Binay," is now trying to distance herself from it because in a recent IBP national convention held  Waterfront, Cebu City, she clarified that her statement about the "suspension order" should not be taken as "binding" as it was only "advisory in nature." It was on the  strength of her previous statement that DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, installed its LP VM Pena as "acting mayor" of Makati. In other words, De Lima doesn't want to be pinned down as guilty in her previous statement because it was only an "advice or suggestion," which does not have legal effect in law whatsoever. Hehehe! Now that they have created two mayors in Makati, you have to accept the fact that your "idol's"  administration is using the "law of the jungle" to promote their partisan ends disregarding the "rule of law" which in a democratic country is held supreme as nobody is above the law.

Footnote: This comment came out in reply to an earlier blog posted by someone using a name "JVV123," in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "De Lima: CA can't stop suspension on Binay." It came out on March 24, 2015.


This is nothing but an empty talk from a leader who is blinded with his obsession for "some unknown reasons" to resume his urgency to have the BBL approved or more body bags to come later if his wish is not followed. In the wordings of Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, she made it clear that forging a peace deal with MILF, even if there are still some other factions who also clamor to have the same "privilege" accorded to them, does not provide any certainty that what our country had achieved when FVR signed a "Peace Treaty" with Nur Misuari in 1996 will not be the same if it now signs BBL with MILF. MILF does not carry with itself the unified support of the other factions thereby endangering the possibility that it will meet the same fate with what we had with the MNLF. And besides, the recent incident in Mamasapano that cost us to offer in the alter of supreme sacrifice the lives of 44 SAF commandos would be a great insult to the intelligence of us, Filipinos, who seemingly have been taken for nothing by the administration of BS Aquino, who until now, has not offered his apology for his tragic responsibility and accountability in bungling the "chain of command" in the government which, according to FVR was clearly established when his Executive Order No. 226 was enacted in 1995. To repeat, FVR's  executive order #226 which is still in full force and effect because no succeeding president has revoked or nullified it, establishes the chain of command responsibility not only in the military but also in the PNP, as well as to all government officials and employees covered by the Civil Service Commission.

The fact that 26 of the 44 SAF commandos were shot in the head at close range, as  what our government investigators found out, it points to nothing else but to a grim reality that our troops were massacred. And only a misguided leader like BS Aquino could still accept it and still has the gall to urge congressional leaders to go on with the peace process to finally approve the BBL to have "peace" in Mindanao. The Mamasapano incident was a "God-given" eye-opener in order for us to open our eyes to the reality that what our government is doing is just like inviting us to accept a  "Trojan horse" offered to us by the MILF to be able to obtain a lasting peace in Mindanao but in reality it is not because the MILF is not designed to build its loyalty to our country but to Malaysia who has probably acquired some unmistakable ulterior motives to control that part of our country and if not for the Mamasapano incident we could have offered it to a foreign country in a silver platter. Thanks to everything that took place, although, it cost us so dearly to offer to the altar of ultimate sacrifice the lives of our 44 SAF cops to finally open our eyes to the reality that BBL is just a hoax and certainly not the answer to obtain peace in Mindanao.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled, "Forge peace today or count body bags later." It came out on March 28, 2015.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Perhaps this is the best form of sarcastic article ever written by the author,  Atty. JBJ, who is already in the honorable list of our great national columnists like CDQ (Conrado de Quiros), Randy David, not to mention those well-known writers that once graced the pages of the Philippines Free Press, a weekly news-magazine of old, like Nick Joaquin, aka, Quijano de Manila, Napoleon G. Rama, and others. It is very gratifying for us, readers, who value the importance  of high-caliber writers sharing to us their talents of what these "great minds" think of the present burning issues and how they capitulate the sensitive points,  now in this case being shown to us in a sarcastic form. Alas, the downward trend of P-Noy has been sadly talked about not in hushed whispers but in loud and angry voices from people, especially those grieving family members of the  44 SAF commandos whose precious lives were so wantonly and recklessly wasted by a leader who does not give a damn to what the people say against him because of his twisted sense of values who considers himself like God, for he believes he is "infallible."

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by  Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez for The FREEMAN, entitled, "Why is it hard for P-Noy to apologize." It came out on March 24, 2015.


This is not the first time that I write a comment about this "move" of Senator Koko Pimentel when he filed a resolution to exempt Pacman from paying  tax on his May 2 fight against Floyd Mayweather. This author, Hidelito Pascual,  does not know how Pacman was adversely treated by the P-Noy administration because of Pacman's known political loyalty and affiliation to VP Binay's UNA Party. Did he not know that BIR's Kim Henares once ordered garnishment of  Pacman's money in the bank as if the BIR wants to let Pacman live a pauper's life? He must be dreaming when he wrote his piece and maybe he only wants  to be known for writing a controversial topic to try to grab the limelight because he thinks people will be asking who he is to have thought of writing such unexpected  and unsympathetic piece against the popular Manny Pacquiao who is even named  "Pambansang Kamao" in our country. The fact that Pacman, a popular world boxer is from the Philippines is already enough to make us proud being a Filipino. Maybe, this man, Hidelito Pascual, does not know the perils that a boxer encounters once he is already inside the ring for we already know how many boxers who lost their lives in that kind of deadly sports? He wants to justify his line of reasoning that  our country needs money badly to be used in different badly needed projects  in the country. But is he not aware that our country is losing public money in tens or even hundreds of billion pesos being squandered due to inappropriate conduct  and mismanagement? What about the money contributions collected from foreign countries and local donors, the last time I heard is that despite the findings of COA that money still remains deposited in the bank by DSWD, administration officials insist that there is no problem because the deposited money is untouched! And  to think that typhoon Yolanda survivors are still wallowing in extreme difficulties because of the expected government help that did not come, they still try to  behave that there is nothing wrong in withholding the funds intended to help the  typhoon victims. Where is their conscience?

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by one Hidelito Pascual in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "Too much coddling." It came out on March 23, 2015.


If DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima will make good her threat to disallow prosecutors and judges from receiving stipends from LGUs, they already know how to counter it by campaigning against De Lima if she runs for senator in 2016 national elections. What does De Lima want? She wants the prosecutors to work like what the public school teachers are doing as most of the teachers are trying to complement their  meager salary by selling bra and other beauty products to make both ends meet as their salary cannot be depended upon for they did not have any salary increase in years. De Lima is not sympathetic to the people working under her department because she is receiving a fat salary with unlimited allowances as the number one "bootlicker"of P-Noy!

Perhaps the greatest misfortune that we, Filipinos, have is not only to have P-Noy as our President, who does not know how to say, "Sorry," whenever he commits a mistake but also to have a DOJ Secretary in the person of Leila de Lima, who does not know how to conduct herself in the best imaginable proper, normal and decent behavior of a government servant but one who tries to behave like she has all the mastery of the legal books over anybody else and who does not care to show her arrogance in a public forum to the point that she already becomes a "public annoyance" because of her uncontrollable ill-manners. And she must be banking of some other means to  make herself win to become a senator in 2016 national elections because it is an open secret that she intends to throw her hat into the senatorial lineup of the ruling administration.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "Cebu fiscals ask boss not to remove LGU allowances." It came out on March 23, 2015.


The Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio-Morales, is standing firm behind her insistence that the suspension order she issued to Makati Mayor Binay is already in effect when the TRO issued by the CA was received by the mayor. She is trying to put on the line the high prestige and non-partisan role that her office was known and  expected to exercise in the face of highly challenging questions of integrity that her  office suffered as a result of her careless and arbitrary insistence that the suspension order still stands despite the TRO issued by the CA. Despite the lound, clear and  irrepressible stand shown by legal experts to the effect which strongly support the  unequivocal belief and interpretation that the TRO must be respected over what the  DILG did to support the stand of the Ombudsman and DOJ that the TRO was "already moot and academic" because the "order" was already served when the TRO arrived, even former Senator Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel Jr., the author of Local Government Code of 1991, supports the view and interpretation of the legal experts that the TRO must be respected. And De Lima, probably being enlightened with the recent development and not to be outdone has, just recently, withdrew her previous stand and issued a clarification that what she said about the TRO was only "advisory in nature" and has no "binding effect" in law. De Lima realizes the blunder she made and expressed a  gesture of "mea culpa" sensing that she made a misinterpretation about the TRO. Several independent legal luminaries advanced the proper way to react would be  to seek clarification from the issuing court - the CA - rather than to impose their self-serving interpretation to serve their political ends. But if Morales insists that her stand against the TRO stands, even if DOJ's De Lima has already retracted from her previous statement, then she is no better than her previous predecessor who driven out of office because of her highly partisan leaning to her appointing power to GMA. 

If Morales insists that her stand against the TRO stands, even if DOJ's De Lima  has already retracted from her previous statement, then she is no better than her previous predecessor, Merceditas Gutierrez, who was driven out of office and was ultimately forced to resign because of her highly partisan leaning to her  appointing power, GMA, and that same charge and accusation point to Morales as she is seen bending her interpretation of the law to please her appointing  power and her master - P-Noy. 

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Ombudsman hits Mayor Binay's "hakot' system, stands firm on suspension." It came out on March 25, 2015.

Monday, March 23, 2015



talan-awong gibiyaan sa kagahi,
 lungaylungay daling masinati,

 kakulang sa kabaskog,
dili tukmang pangusog,

sa pagpanglumoy ang tanan mosangpot,
 magkalisod hasta kunot mutapot,

kamaampingon sa buluhaton,
 himoon ug dili palabyon,

aron dili ka matawgan ug 'NOY LUMOY',
ikaw magminghoy, imong pangandoy manglumoy…



hulagway sa kanhiay’ng  binuhatan,
sangpotanan's walay paglubad nga kakugihan,

bagdoybagdoy, haguka nga paninguha,
pagka-usikan, pagkahilabtanon, pamintaha,  

muhatod sa kadudahang kaugmaon,
kon unsa ang gitanom, kini ang imong anihon,

hangpa ang hagit sa  kamadasigon,
ipabuhagay ang hiyas sa pagkamakiangayon,

kab-ota ang maayong kaugmaon,
modawat kini kanimong mapahiyomon….

Sunday, March 22, 2015


If you think any move to impeach P-Noy will succeed, forget it! The reason behind it is the  "blind loyalty" of our congressmen to the leader of the ruling party in power because, like  what you said, the leader of the pack is the "GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGGS!" And to think that most of our congressmen are "veterans" serving under GMA before but only transferred to P-Noy's administration as "political butterflies" to save their skin from any charges that could be filed against them, this is just like what happened to a kind of  a monotonous circus going around where the players involved are old players but just changed the color of their uniforms to tell us that they belong to P-Noy but in reality they are a group of "old rascals" enjoying their time and taking cover for their misdeeds under the protective umbrella of P-Noy because they are immune to all charges in court as they are "party players" belonging to P-Noy's ruling party.

Don't you know why the Senate under Senator Franklin Drilon did not invite P-Noy because they are partymates and Drilon might have entertained second thoughts that if they invite  P-Noy into their forum to explain his side about the Mamasapano incident he might uncontrollably and eventually fall into the tendency of "spilling the beans" and thereby appear more liable to the debacle? No amount of cover-up can save P-Noy out of his recklessness not to rescue the lives of the 44 SAF commandos who frantically asked him for reinforcement while they were already on the brink of death as they were by that time surrounded by several hundreds of MILF and  BIFF because instead of saving the SAFs he preferred to decide in favor of saving the "peace  process of the BBL to get its approval" at all costs? This is his greatest blunder that will surely pin him down up to the rest of his term, if he is not willing to step down to own his fault and accountability. And this is like what he did in the Luneta debacle where it cost the lives of several Hongkong tourists and where he did not issue an apology for such incident, a kind of behavior that is bereft of wisdom, common sense, and remorse.

Footnote: This comment is written in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Speaker rejects plan of House to invite P-Noy." It came out on March 21, 2015. It is in reply to a  comment posted by one blogger who carries the name "Rica Kintana" who thinks about the probability of an impeachment to be filed against P-Noy.


Nothing can appear more alienating, distasteful, and insulting to the intelligence of the Filipino people than this blatant attempt by the P-Noy administration to slam into the throats of the people of Makati a kind of distorted interpretation of law by  the people appointed by P-Noy to see to it that the use of "brute force" reigns supreme over the "rule of law." Against the highly respected statements from legal experts who interpreted that the TRO issued by the CA (Court of Appeals, 6th Division) must be  respected as it seeks to enforce a "status quo" before the suspension order of the  Ombudsman, the P-Noy appointed officials - the Ombudsman and the DILG Secretary - insisted that it is their perverted interpretation of law to prevail. 

And this is now giving  headache and "chaos" in Makati as city government employees and barangay officials are now one in asking the P-Noy government to leave them and their city alone in  peace as they are now laving a problem whether they can still receive their salaries on  time as there are now 2 city mayors in Makati. And DILG is favoring their own LP VM

Pena because DILG issued a letter to the bank to honor only the signature of LP VM Pena.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN,  entitled, "Binay hits Ombud, DILG in IBP address." It came out on March 21, 2015. VP Jojo Binay was the invited guest speaker to grace the national convention of all lawyers in the country under the IBP (Integrated Bar of Philippines) held in Waterfront, Cebu City. The forum was attended by 2000 lawyers all over the country. In his speech,  VP Binay takes swipe at the Ombudsman and DILG who tried to inject their own interpretation of law in contrast to popular stand and beliefs advanced by the national IBP President  Vicente Joyas that the TRO issued by the CA should be respected, as well as some legal experts who got the same interpretation of the TRO that it should be respected.


P-Noy can hardly escape his blatant responsibility in the Mamasapano massacre of 44 SAF commandos. But like what he did in the Luneta incident where several lives of Hongkong tourists were lost, P-Noy did not offer his apology over the debacle. And DOJ Secretary De Lima was quick to defend her master - Aquino - from his  accountability in not following the "chain of command" for a sitting president to follow as according to De Lima it is only applicable to the military and not to the PNP because it is a civilian organization and therefore not required to follow the chain of command. But in a sweeping statement of FVR (Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos), who minced no words in tossing the blame to Aquino for his accountability under the "chain of command"  responsibility is that under FVR's executive order #226 which was enacted in 1995, the chain of command is not restricted to the military but is applicable to all government  officials and employees, the PNP, the military, and all those covered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). FVR said executive order 226 remains in full force and effect  because it was not revoked, changed, nullified or set aside by any succeeding president after him.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, The ultimate crumbling of the P-Noy presidency." It was written by Atty. JBJ.  It came out on March 21, 2015.


This is the most damning reality the people has finally known after the Joint Committee report, promulgated by Senator Grace Poe, has released its  finding in official document. With this glaring report of P-Noy's involvement to the deaths of our 44 SAFs, he can no longer escape his full responsibility that he was playing with our soldiers lives and tried to pass the blame to  Napenas. Being the President and Commander-in-Chief, and with all the  "bright minds" around him, he can no longer escape the fact that his hands are "clearly dripping with the blood" of our soldiers due to his unpardonable blunder of relying too much to Purisima even if he was already suspended  by the Ombudsman.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in  The FREEMAN, entitled, "The final blow' P-Noy is guilty per Senate report."  It came out on March 18, 2015.


Legal experts strongly favor that the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) must be  respected as against the interpretation of officials under P-Noy administration who contend that the "suspension order" was already served and that the LP Vice Mayor Pena has already administered his "oath of office" few hours before the TRO issued by the CA (Court of Appeals) was received by Makati Mayor Junjun Binay which made the "receipt" of the TRO "already moot and academic." That was the stand by the three officials, Conchita Morales, the Ombudsman; Leila de Lima, DOJ Secretary; and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, who echoed the stand of Morales and De Lima. And we can easily consider that these 3 officials, because they are all appointed by P-Noy, will strongly support what Malacanang wants them to say to favor their stand that Mayor  Junjun is already, in effect, suspended when the TRO was received. But the legal experts, who have no interest or anything to gain by favoring the P-Noy administration instead, has strongly supported their legal interpretation that the TRO prevails over  anything else, even granting that the "suspension order" was served even if it was not personally served at all to the Makati mayor because it was only posted at the  entrance of the city hall, and even if the "oath of office" was administered to VM Pena,  few hours before the TRO was received by Mayor Junjun. IBP national president Vicente Joyas said the CA's TRO effectively brought back the status quo prior to the implementation of the suspension, saying it has the same effect of a status quo ante order. The IBP head also questioned why De Lima was meddling in the issue. "It is not for a Cabinet official to make such an opinion. Prudence dictates that the parties should instead seek clarification from the court, rather than forcing the issue without giving the court a chance to interpret its order," he stressed. Former deans Amado Valdez of University  of the East College of Law and Pacifico Agabin of University of the Philippines College of  Law agreed with Joyas. Agabin said, the TRO is "effective" and De Lima's opinion is not binding."  Valdez also stressed that the TRO "must be reasonably interpreted in Binay's favor." Former senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr., author of the Local Government Code of 1991, shared the view of the law deans that the TRO is effective, so Binay should still function as the mayor of Makati.  Lawyer Tranquil Salvador III, meanwhile, said the DILG did not follow the proper procedures in enforcing the suspension order against Binay last Monday. Salvador cited Rule 13 Section 9 of the Rules of Court, which states that a suspension by posting it is not allowed under the law," Salvador, who also served as lawyer of former CJ Corona during his impeachment trial in 2012, said in a television interview. "Therefore, what does it mean? If the suspension order was not served properly, there was no suspension at all to be implemented in the first place, he concluded.

It has been clearly pointed out and explained by lawyer Tranquil Salvador, one of the legal experts cited by previous news reports, that in order for the suspension  order of the Ombudsman to be properly served, it has to be received personally by the Makati Mayor Junjun Binay. But sad to say, for its own convenience of the  officer serving the "order" after posting it at the entrance of the city hall, with several police officers escorting him, he proudly announced that his "mission" to personally serve the "order" was already accomplished. But Salvador, citing certain sections in  law disagreed claiming that posting the order at the entrance does not sufficiently  fulfill what the law explicitly provided. And he added, in the event where to personally serve it cannot be possibly made, the law provides that it should be sent by registered mail. But the P-Noy administration wants to have a "short cut" in everything it wants  to obtain, making the use of its "brute force" clearly visible with the presence of numerous police officers roaming around the city hall grounds as if Makati was already under "martial law," perhaps in an attempt to show fear to Junjun's supporters, out of its naked force ready to stalk anybody.  And they were so in a hurry because they want to administer the "oath of office" to LP Vice Mayor Pena so as to use it as their "strong basis" that, indeed, it has already legally proclaimed Pena as the "temporary successor" as Makati mayor during the period of suspension. But, reviewing all the facts of the case clearly point out the  "strong-arm" tactic and a distorted interpretation of law by the 3 administration puppets, Morales, De Lima and Roxas, will only show and expose to the whole world that they do not deserve the kind of respect they so unashamedly try to obtain "at all costs."

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled,  "Palace: Rule of law must prevail in Makati." It came out on March 18, 2015.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: NAUSAB NGA PANAHOM

To abruptly change the tenor of the author's (Atty. JBJ) argument that while he previously espoused and vouched for the preference of VP Binay to lead the country after P-Noy's term ends, it will certainly provide the readers with some "loose talks" that somehow, somewhere, something snaps on account of some "pressure" applied to the author's pen. For how can you validly support a change in your previous line of argument and still convince your column's followers with the same resoluteness but this time, as if trying to condone the unpardonable  blunder of P-Noy that resulted to the deaths of 44 SAFs. And now you want to  change your argument in midstream because of the simple reason that "you  don't want to rock the boat in the middle of a raging storm? If it was possible to happen to other countries, like Japan, that the head of state has tendered  his resignation because of a big blunder, why make the case happening to P-Noy an exception? I don't think P-Noy has the monopoly of his "intelligence" if we equate the several blunders committed in his administration as such. The loss of the lives of 44 SAFs is too much and yet to think that the President in his succeeding pronouncements did not even offer his apology and instead contented himself by blaming Napenas for the Mamasaspano fiasco is a scary sign that this man will still commit the same or more serious blunder in the future before his term ends.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by Atty. JBJ in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Rocking the boat while a storm is raging." It came out on March 16, 2015.


Praise the Lord! The prayers of the majority of the peace-loving people throughout the country, especially the great people of Makati City, who took the pains of trooping to the city hall by the thousands to provide moral support and human shield to Mayor  Junjun Binay were not in vain. It was a timely intervention by the CA to come out with its decision stopping the Ombudsman's suspension of the mayor to prevent what could have been a  deliberate attempt to slam to the "throats" of the people of Makati a great injustice which originally started to build-up with the way the BRSC inquiry was conducted by the ruling administration to weaken the strong popularity of VP Binay who has already signified his strong determination to run in 2016 as the next Malacanang caretaker. The shameless attempt by the administration to suspend Mayor Junjun was prevented by the prayers of the people to prevent the takeover of the administration by their LP Vice Mayor Pena to disturb the peace of Makati where the people are at present happily enjoying the magnificent leadership of the Binays ruling justly their progressive city.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled,  "CA stops Junjun suspension."


During the 29th anniversary of the PSG (Presidential Security Guard), Aquino hit  back at critics accusing him of a cover-up, a day after he blamed Napenas of  feeding him the wrong info about the January 25 police operation against the  two terrorists that ended in the slaughter of 44 police commandos. A defiant  Aquino, Tuesday (03/10/15) hit back at critics demanding his accountability over  the death of 44 police commandos, describing them as "attention-seekers." "I have courage because I'm doing what is right, and if I have shortcomings, God will take care of them, including my security," he said in a speech. "The President is engaging in a brazen cover-up of his responsibility and that of his trusted aide (resigned PNP Director General Alan) Purisima for the tragic SAF mission and placing all the blame on the ground commander (Getulio) Napenas," said his erstwhile ally, Akbayan Rep.  Walden Bello. "This is the latest development in the shrinking of the man from a  credible President to a small-minded bureaucrat trying to erase his fingerprints  from a disastrous project," said Bello, who declared on Tuesday that he was cutting  his ties to the President. Before a gathering of evangelical church leaders on the  ground of Malacanang, Aquino on March 9 absolved himself of responsibility for the Mamasapano fiasco, saying he "was given the wrong information by the people who knew most of what was happening." Aquino acknowledged that he was  communicating with Napenas through Purisima, then suspended in connection with a graft case in the Office of the Ombudsman. Purisima resigned days after the  Mamasapano debacle.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Aquino draws heavy fire." It came out on March 15, 2015.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: MILUBAD NA SI P-NOY!!!

There was a time I stopped reading this column of Jerry Tundag in The FREEMAN because it was the time that I believed P-Noy was in the right track, especially when he was seriously involved in his campaign to impeach the ousted CJ Corona, for I know how corrupt was Corona as he was lengthily exposed by the PDI in his unfair and unjust treatment to the Basa family who was closely related to his wife, where  he was said to have used the influence of his Office to siphon most of the properties of the Basas where the uncle of his wife died a broken man because of him. And not only that, Corona was a shameless "bootlicker" to GMA. But things have changed  starting at the time when P-Noy campaigned against the heir to the Sultanate of Sulu,  whose only obsession was to retake North Sabah, which was historically rewarded to the Sultan of Sulu by the King of Borneo way back in the year 1500's. And from that time on, I noticed I slowly lost my rapport with P-Noy until it reached to a point where the 44 SAFs were brutally massacred on what some people  described as a "Suicide  Mission" ordered by P-Noy. And finding Jerry's column with that "eye-catching" title - Defending the indefensible - is to me, very irresistible that I was like a "hungry lion" devouring every word of it and it left me fully gratified. With his penchant to  use the right "bombastic" words to indicate his writing ability to hurt where it is  needed most to empress his readers, it seems to fill everything that is there needed to describe how "worthless" is P-Noy now to the eyes of the Filipinos, much more to the grieving families and relatives of the slain 44 SAFs.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Defending the indefensible." It came out on March 12, 2015.


Long before this news of an Ampatuan involved in the massacre of 58 people in Maguindanao, I have already read a news report in PDI few months ago about the claim of Gov. Mangudadatu's lawyer that money were "changing hands" with the Ampatuans and the DOJ prosecutors headed by one Atty. Baraan. But maybe it's hard to prove but the result now coming out that one member of the Ampatuan family - Sajid Islam Ampatuan, who was the acting governor of Maguindanao at the time of the massacre and is now released on bail in the amount of P11.6M (paid at the rate of P200K per victim of the total 58 people) - can easily connect to the "story about 'money changing hands,' because with the evidence of 58 people mercilessly being massacred by the Ampatuans and yet there is already one being release on bail, it will not take long, God forbid, for additional Ampatuans to be released on bail because that family has plenty of "money to burn." It is imperative at this point that P-Noy gives an official statement regarding this "highly disgusting news" to find out how does it affect him, especially that he made a pledge that before his term ends he will see to it that the Maguindanao massacre victims will be given justice that the grieving families deserved. What kind of justice does he mean when one family member of the accused is already out on bail? I just hope this will not signal as the beginning for all the Ampatuans to be released on bail because, as what the presiding judge said, the prosecutors were not able to present strong evidence to stop the court from issuing the release order for the bailed criminal.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI about  an Ampatuan family member released on bail. It came out on March 12, 2015.


PANGLUOD buhat nga nagumikan sa balikog nga sangputanan, dili tukma sa iyang gipaabot ang nasum-okan, kinaiya kining dili ka...