Thursday, January 1, 2015


Concerned Citizen:

 Every member of the Binay family (father, mother, children) has lost his/her credibility. Pinag piyestahan nila ang kaban ng Makati sa mahabang panahon, they are now training their guns on the national coffers. What a shameless and insatiable greed, this is unprecedented systematic corruption. Mga kababayan, mag-tatangatangahan na lang ba tayo sa mga tunay na issues sa mga Binays?

D_BystandeR: (to Concerned Citizen)

You seem to be too knowledgeable about the conviction of the Binays when you know all along what you are saying are pure conjecture and hearsay. There is no conviction coming from the courts yet and if you mainly rely your statement in how the case against Binay was conducted in Blue Ribbon Sub-Committee (BRSC) I'm afraid you are guilty of what is known in logic as faulty generalization. For all you know, the BRSC cannot convict Binay in its purely slanted way of conducting its inquiry because what it is doing is only "in aid of legislation." Your statement seems to presume that because much has been covered by the BRSC inquiry you wrongly formed a conclusion that Binay is already convicted when in reality it is not. You should be fair in your comment to the Binays!

Bonipasyo: (to D_BystandeR)

Let the Binays explain but he won't! He is deemed guilty by the public. Fairness??? He had been given all the chance to counter the accusations.

D_BystandeR: (to Bonipasyo)

This "demolition job" focused and earnestly aimed to VP Binay and his family is well-orchestrated, well-oiled, and unprecedented in the annals of our Philippine political history. The main objective is to block the possibility of VP Binay becoming the next Malacanang caretaker. Because Binay always tops the poll surveys that is why the people behind this demolition job is moving heaven and earth to turn the tables against Binay. Can you imagine, all these accusations just came out all of a sudden and cases were dug out from several years ago and it only surfaced just now to  possibly block Binay's unstoppable momentum of capturing Malacanang in 2016. And all of these are done in their frenzied attempt to shore up the image of Mar Roxas, the known administration-supported presidential bet, as the principal beneficiary of all these "below-the-belt" tactics employed just to defeat the upsurge of support behind Binay's march to Malacanang by the masses who are fully behind VP Binay to lead the country in 2016.

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