Friday, May 29, 2015


Naglibog ko unsay sala sa mga Sugboanon nga gihatagan man ta'g mayor nga  sama ni Mike Rama?! Husto ang imong pangagpas nga kining mayora maayo  lang sa kanta-kanta. Look at some important projects that he forcefully blocked because they belong to his political opponents. The flyover project of Congressman Raul del Mar before was the subject of much sacrifice by del Mar making follow-ups to different offices in Manila and after all, when it was finally approved, ang ni-dis-aprob way lain si Mike Rama. Karon ang project na sab ni Congressman Bebot Abellanosa  nga gustong palapdan ang N. Bacalso Avenue ug himoong 6 lanes, iya na sang gibabagan tungod kay kontra gihapon sa politika. Pagkahasol ning tawhana. Apan gamay na lang ang pag-antus sa mga Sugboanon tungod kay hapit na man ang eleksyon ug sa way duhaduha anhi na dinhi ikapahungaw sa mga tawo ang ilang tumang kayugot ug kaitok batok ning mayora pinaagi sa paglubong kaniya sa umaabut nga eleksyon aron and atong ipuli sa iyang pwesto diha sa City Hall way  lain kon dili si Tommy O, ang tinuod nga nagmahal sa katawhan ug naghunahuna  sa tinud-anay nga pagpalambo sa syudad sa Sugbo.

Mayor Mike Rama thinks of himself like a ruthless king of old whose order is the law in his kingdom. No amount of explanation from BOPK councilors can move him to pity the settlers to postpone his decision to demolish the houses of Capitol Site settlers until June 3 because they are still going to discuss their probable relocation site. Most of the families affected have already lived there for 40 to 50 years or more and they find it hard to consider that all of a sudden they will be forced to leave the place they already called their home because they are nobody and they are poor and the mayor does not want to see their face to stay there any longer. Maybe Rama discovered that most of the residents in that place are supporters of Tommy O and there is no other way to wipe them out except to demolish their houses. But it's not always in Rama's favor as we all know because  the world is round and many things can happen. Who knows, after the 2016 elections, Rama will be ousted from his chair in the City Hall because the people will vote for Tommy as his replacement to allow Tommy to reclaim the City Hall which he has managed so well during many of his terms, including that of his father, Serging, whom the Cebuanos loved so much. It could be recalled that Tommy was only forced to vacate his chair earlier as the father of the city because his term was already up and he has to opt for another position to become the Congressman of Cebu City South District. But Tommy is now strongly determined to reclaim his post that he earlier relinquish to Rama because Rama is not doing his job well and he has only succeeded in persecuting  the poor residents of the city during Rama's incumbency. And Rama will soon realize when that time comes that every arrogant action that he did to persecute the city's poor residents will boomerang to himself in the end because the people will just be too happy and eager to make him an ordinary civilian after the 2016 elections.

Footnote: This comment came out in reply to a comment posted by someone who calls himself "Cebuano_Ako," in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, Rama puts off tunnel project." It came out on May 25, 2015.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: NAHISALAAG ANG AMLC???

And they are doing that because if they apply equality and fairness they will all look like a laughing stock! Nobody will believe them. And the AMLC, where originally it was intended by law to conduct surveillance only to terrorists, drug syndicates, smugglers, etc., now they change the function of AMLC because its principal function now is to unfairly assist  the P-Noy administration to unjustly dig into the financial accounts of the opposition in order to make clandestine operation to get all information in the opposition's bank accounts even if the accounts are already closed and they will make their own personal and bias assumption that the accounts are fraudulent. Instead of asking the account holder to explain the transactions because he is the one more knowledgeable about it, AMLC will directly expose it to the media without first notifying the owner of the account in utter violation of the banking laws where nobody can touch your account and expose it. But only AMLC is allowed to do it to prevent money laundering by syndicates but now it is the opposition being targeted under the P-Noy administration. It's degrading!

It's clearly a lame excuse of P-Noy to disclaim any knowledge about the  insidious operation of AMLC to unjustly dig into the financial bank accounts of Binay and associates for the purpose of persecuting the opposition. The political allies of P-Noy who are suspected by the people of having accumulated questionable and huge financial bank accounts like Sen. Franklin Drilon and Budget Secretary Butch Abad were recommended by the opposition to be subjected to the same surveillance by AMLC and to make their findings in public to make the playing field fair and square. It is a fact, as stated by VP Binay, that SBRC operators are treating their resource persons like criminals and subject them to insults, ridicule and harassment if they come to testify in that inquiry in behalf of Binay while, on the other hand, the attack dogs of SBRC operators who are enjoying wide latitude of freedom in that inquiry like Ernesto Mercado, Atty. Bondal, etc., they are all allowed to say anything they want even without any supporting evidence as all their charges are  baseless and unfounded and purely guesswork. And they are encouraged to  say anything more hurting and derogatory to Binay because that is what their  motive is all about, to see to it that Binay's image and reputation is totally demolished, maligned, and maliciously castigated! That is totally unfair!

Footnote: This comment came out in reply to a comment by someone who calls himself "isalexus," in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled, "Binay needs to answer allegations of corruption." It came out on May 25, 2015.

Friday, May 22, 2015



talan-awon kining makapatiurok,
sigahon ang mata sa tawong piyahok,

 lupyak iyang nawong sud-ungon,
 nipis pud ug dunggan,  daut iyang pamayhon,

kon kaon makalimtan, siya nahisalaag sa dalan,
bisyo dili niya liatan, pulbos ug aso iyang duwaan,

 pamiyahok mahimo kining timailhan,
 sa pait   nga sangpotanan…


This kind of pronouncement coming from Governor Hilario Davide III is not surprising. When asked what are his accomplishments, he would  only say that he is not like some other government administrators who keep bragging on their accomplishments but said it is the people to say what they notice he has accomplished while occupying the provincial  seat of power. Some of those who were asked to comment on Governor Davide have more or less the same uniform reply acknowledging that the governor "is honest and good (buotan)." But nobody ventures to  make a lengthy comment probably out of delicadeza and their perceived consideration that to tell the truth of what he lacks to become an effective  provincial administrator would be committing something like not in line with the regularly accepted norms of the saying: "Live and let live." But what has the governor really accomplished in his term? When there was a super-typhoon Yolanda and much of the people in northern Cebu were badly affected with their homes destroyed and the infrastructure in bad shape, the people were expecting Gov. Davide to use his clout on President Aquino to give Cebu special treatment owing to the fact that  Gov. Davide was considered P-Noy's close partymate. But the governor has shown lackluster efforts to earnestly work out to obtain and win  special favors from Aquino by way of making and giving tangible projects for Cebu to improve and be able to convince the people that he has succeeded to make his role as governor effective. 

With the entry of former Governor Lito Osmena into the 2016 elections, the playing field is again provided a positive and progressive promise of what Cebu has experienced during Lito's stint as Cebu governor from 1988 to 1992.  There's nothing new to say about former Gov. Gwen because her record is now an open book. Only Lito's record matters to the people.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in  Cebu Daily News, entitled, "Davide not threatened, looks forward to 'fun' 2016 polls." It came out on May 18, 2015.


This harshly worded article written by no less our very own Atty. JBJ, whose hard-hitting commentary awakens the people's indignation and consciousness that the government is not doing a lot to prevent this kind of frightening fire disaster that claimed the lives of something like 80 poor workers who were crammed to work inside the workplace with no fire exits that could allow them to move out of the conflagration. And this could probably be due to the employer's over reaction to their fears that providing fire exits could be used only by dishonest workers to ferret out stolen goods from inside their property undetected. But  they could prevent pilferage by hiring enough security guards to do the job for them. But the government agencies concerned required to periodically inspect the workplace if they were strictly following the guidelines for such kind and nature of workers in their company could have been blinded by the probable "bribe-money" to just look at the opposite direction as long as their pockets are full. These kind of government officers should be thoroughly investigated to determine up to what degree is their negligence to blame for that terrible fire disaster so that guilty parties are given the punishment they deserved to prevent a repetition  of this monstrous tragedy.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Whose heads shall roll in the Kentex fire disaster." It came out on May 18, 2015.


Senators Franklin Drilon and Francis Escudero, two leading LP senators of the administration are now in the defensive trying to deodorize their blatant abuse of power when bank accounts of VP Binay and those  identified with him as supporters were ordered "frozen" by CA in connection with a case filed by AMLC against Binay, et al. This AMLC was created by law in order to undertake surveillance of money laundering done by terrorists, drug syndicates, smugglers, etc., but now it is utilized by the P-Noy administration to dig into the financial bank accounts of their political  opponents to carry out their political persecution and to disable them to do  something for the well-being of their opposition activities. This is unprecedented in the political annals of our country. And they want to explain that AMLC is doing just ordinary things and Drilon and Escudero want to make a play of words claiming that VP Binay is not subjected to any kind of lawsuit to freeze his bank accounts but only to keep it on hold for 6 months. And they try to  mislead the people that VP Binay is not immune from lawsuits. How in the world can they afford to fool the people to accept their baseless stand, to test the waters, for they know they are not telling the truth. In 2013, Julia C. Abad was appointed by BS Aquino to become Executive Director of AMLC. She is the daughter of Budget Secretary Butch Abad who, reports indicated, was the "tutor" of Janet Lim-Napoles about how the PDAF scam came into existence. This P-Noy administration knows no limit to its blatant abuse of power and arrogance. And they are all doing this to make way for the obsession of P-Noy to make Mar Roxas his successor when he steps down from office in June 2016. But it will be an uphill climb for Mar Roxas to become a credible bet of the administration against VP Binay because in every poll survey Roxas is always seen at the bottom compared to VP Binay who always tops the list. And that is the reason now why P-Noy is moving heaven and earth to topple Binay's popularity with the ordinary people in the whole country by throwing everything to Binay including the "kitchen sink!" But God in His infinite goodness will not allow these people to succeed in their wicked attempt to put a good man down. Even King Herod of the biblical past who was considered wielding unlimited power during his time just like P-Noy today, ordered the most horrible massacre of infants two years old and below in his idea to kill the baby infant Jesus. But he failed in his demonic display of power and he died a horrible death where his body was eaten by worms even before he died. And BS Aquino who uses his power to persecute his political opponents will most likely suffer the same ignoble end like King Herod.

What can you expect from Drilon? He is expected to join the chorus of people known as political allies of P-Noy to join the caravan of those who paraded themselves with confusing placards to discourage VP Binay from pursuing his goal to run for the presidency in 2016 polls. As much as possible, Drilon can always be expected to follow the line of what P-Noy's "rah-rah boys" are now desperately doing to throw a monkey wrench on the path of Binay to ease him out of the  presidential election so that their only selected man to take over the reign of  power when P_Noy steps down from office is Mar Roxas. They must be moving heaven and earth to realize their goal. But will the courts using generally accepted norms of real justice and fairness allow this? The people are closely watching  their move!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled,"VP not immune from suits, probes." It came out on May 20, 2015.


Lots of people here in this forum who comprise the "Anti-Binay Mosquito Brigade" are now making a holiday when they find that news headlines  banner the "bullying" of VP Binay and supporters. But at the height of the investigation of Mamasapano massacre where P-Noy was largely blamed for the death of 44 SAF commandos they were nowhere to be found when  they were supposed to be there to contribute their views and comments regarding a very sensitive issue involving the death of our SAF cops who  were sent on a mission to capture two noted terrorists but were ony left to  die when their pleadings for the urgently needed reinforcement was turned down by BS Aquino because he did not want to save their lives but only  want to save BBL because he is expecting those lawmakers who are his political allies and who were involved in the PDAF and DAP scam will surely vote for its approval otherwise the filing of charges which De Lima  promised for the 3rd batch of lawmakers involved in the scam will be surely filed in courts without delay. P-Noy is very smart! 

He uses his power to  pressure DOJ Secretary De Lima not to file charges because he is going  to use them to vote for the approval of BBL. And now going back to this "bullying" by senators to VP Binay and his supporters in Makati, most of the people who send their comments to this forum have no respect and anything that resembles courtesy is not in their vocabulary for you can  easily read comments calling VP Binay magnanakaw, plunderer, and anything nasty under the sun that is not supposed to be resorted to by people if only they want to observe proper decorum and consider themselves men of goodwill and to be of strong moral character and dedicated to their responsibilities towards their fellowmen. People invited by this kind of senate inquiry are known as resource persons but when you go to that forum and you are identified with VP Binay you are treated like criminals and you are subjected to questions that you are already considered guilty and you are not given the respect and courtesy you deserved. It is only  proper that they should furnish questionnaire to those resource persons so they will be able to supply the needed answers before presenting themselves in front of SBRC operators who only want to insult and embarrass them by propounding questions that are intended to make you look like crazy in front of the public. This is already excessive and a wanton display of power and arrogance and abuse of power bordering on their inhuman tendencies to achieve their targeted goals towards making VP Binay surrender his lofty dreams and ambition to serve the people with his presidential bid in 2016 elections. But Binay already determined to carry on the fight to see the fulfillment of his dreams to become the next Malacanang caretaker when P-Noy steps down from office in June 2016. Let's give a chance to VP Binay to realize his dreams for the good of the people of this country. Mabuhay si VP JOJO BINAY!!!

BS Aquino has cleverly followed the Machiavellian theory being used by Dictator Marcos at the height of his unlimited power where he declared martial law for 20 years and ruled the country unopposed. P-Noy is really smart! Because he wants to sow intrigue in the opposition, he is trying to make a secret deal with Senator  Grace Poe, in his attempt to put the opposition in disarray so he will succeed in  his wicked plan to divide and rule. And he is doing this all in the name of his sublime obsession to make Mar Roxas his successor when he steps down from office in June 2016. I admire and appreciate the controlled and educated response by Sen. Poe to the explosive questions propounded to her by media reporters. But still Sen. Poe was able to maintain her decorum and composure in the midst of the most trying moment for her to take the bait and say something bad against VP Binay that will ruin her good image that made her a darling of a vast number of her adoring fans and admirers because of her superb showing in the subsequent investigation that her committee held right after the Mamasapano massacre of  44 SAF commandos where she held Aquino liable in that horrible tragedy. But there is still a measure of courtesy and high respect she has shown to VP Binay, who was offering her a special place to become his running mate in the 2016 elections. I am not totally lost that there will still be great hope and big possibility in the near future when the cloud of doubt disappears which was brought about by the attempt of P-Noy to supplant animosity to strike a wedge between her and VP Binay. And when this artificially created gloom is gone and the clear sky of understanding resumes, it will be the triumph of good over evil. Mabuhay si VP Binay for President and Sen. Poe, his running mate for Vice President!!!

What you are reporting in your post about what VP Binay is doing in Panabo, Davao del Norte is music to my ears and also to most people who appreciate some good acts done to our fellowmen by VP Binay to make some ordinary  people happy in the thought that at this time there are still people who make it  their customary things to do to give something to the poor. Not like some politicians who want to make believe they are doing something good for the people but in reality they are piling bundles of money into their pockets. It is a proven fact that people in Makati are receiving more services and goods from the city government compared to any other city in the country. And this is what P-Noy administration feared most because their record of giving something to their constituents paled very much behind in comparison to what VP Binay is doing. When Supertyphoon Yolanda hit Tacloban City the typhoon survivors experienced incomparable hardships to move forward what with the number of fatalities resulting from the devastation exceeded 7000 people. And had it not been for the foreign countries who bombarded the devastated areas with their overflowing assistance in different forms of ready to use goods to lessen the impact of the typhoon's fury, the people would have been miserably displaced. Just imagine, it has now come to knowledge of the people when COA discovered that millions of money collected from foreign and local donors for Tacloban typhoon survivors were deposited by DSWD in its bank accounts when it could have helped more to solve the deplorable living conditions of the typoon victims. But P-Noy administration was quick to explain there was nothing wrong if money was deposited in the bank by DSWD because money is still intact and it's still there. What a shameless kind of people who still think about politics because Tacloban is an opposition country when people were already almost  starving to death and needed help!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Binay tags senators "bullies" for ordering arrest of resource persons." It came out on May 20, 2015.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: KINSA SI MATT GOLSTEYN???

God, in His infinite wisdom always finds a way to help solve what others could probably claim to be a "perfect crime." No matter how smart you are like what Matt Golsteyn did, when he cremated the body  of the man he said to be a bomb maker after killing him. If he kept  his mouth shut, it would have been okay. But the soul of the victim and the Geneva convention law which governs the unlawful and  illegal use of brute force against a perceived enemy, plus the fact that there is God above who uses His might to entrust your crime committed to the authorities concerned, could have probably lead the way for Matt Golsteyn to confess his "sins" in an interview with the CIA. And the interview has been proven authentic! Golsteyn has no more reason to escape. This is God's will in the making!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Yahoo News, entitled, "Army weighs if ex-Green Beret hero should be dismissed." It came out on May 18, 2015.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I have reached a frustrating conclusion that the BBL, which already claimed the lives of our 44 SAF commandos in Mamasapano when P-Noy decided not to allow reinforcement to save their lives when they were already in the brink of  death as they were already surrounded by the enemies but P-Noy chose  to save, instead, the BBL to push through with the help of his political allies which comprise the majority of our lawmakers in the Lower House as well as in the Senate. P-Noy's shrewdness can be seen when he pressured DOJ Secretary De Lima not to push through with the filing of the charges against the 3rd batch of lawmakers and his cabinet members involved in PDAF and DAP scam because De Lima has more pressing matters to attend to and its filing is reserved only "for some other time." Let's wait how they will shamelessly allow themselves to be used as P-Noy's "rubber stamp" to have his brainchild and creation - BBL - to pass in Congress. But if these lawmakers will use their God-given conscience to disappoint P-Noy and to disapprove BBL, it will not take long for P-Noy to order Sec. De Lima to file cases against them in court. This is a kind of dilemma the guilty lawmakers will have no choice except to play their cards with the devil.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by  Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez for The FREEMAN, entitled, "Let's watch how our representatives vote in the BBL." It came out on May 15, 2015.


The principal reason why these ACT scholars are now facing this problem about not being able to get their Transcript of Record (TOR) is because of Mayor Mike Rama's refusal to pay a legitimate debt in the amount of a whooping P135M incurred by the city in behalf of the scholars enrolled in  that school. And this debt has been going on for years and it's not being paid because of political reasons because Rama wants Bebot Abellanosa, the owner of the schoo ACT, to suffer more as the amount is now something that's already seriously affecting the school's daily operation. That is a valid debt of the city to the school and if Rama wants to just simply make it hard for  Bebot believing to hurt him hard financially makes him (Rama) happy, he is  wrong! The city has to pay it if it wants to help the students solved their  problem in the most acceptable manner. The problem with Rama is that he really wants the owner of the school to plead for mercy from him to pay the city's debt and probably he wants Bebot to do it with bended knees. That is too much!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "Council mulls transfer for ACT scholars."


If you came across a comment posted by Isidro C. Valencia, try to read it again. When P-Noy first made state visit to the US and the United Kingdom, he was given $45B taken from the Marcos hidden wealth but instead of bringing it to the Philippines to improve the lives of the Filipinos, what he did was to deposit it in Indonesia where he was given the highest award in that country. Why did he keep it in Indonesia instead of bringing it to our country? BS Aquino has a lot of things to explain why he was doing that and hid it away in Indonesia. His "Matuwid na daan" is a myth! And did he allow DOJ Secretary De Lima to reserve the cases involving his political allies reserved for "some other time?" Those cases involving the PDAF and DAP scam of his partymates is now being held by Aquino as his secret weapon to force them to sign the BBL for approval in congress, otherwise, the names of those involved in the scam will be forwarded by De Lima for prosecution in courts. BS Aquino is very smart! And he could be smarter than Dictator Marcos!

Footnote: This comment was made in reply to a posting in the comment portion written by someone who called himself, "Butch." It was in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Court freezes Binay assets." It came out on May 12, 2015.

Saturday, May 16, 2015



sud-ungonon kini  nga magpaila,
magamit kon makig-ila ila,

sagad nawong ang makita,
kon ikaw magul-anon ug magmaya,

nawong dili makit-an kon sa gugma ikaw matumban,
apan ang nawong makalimtan kon lingin ang katuyuan,

may kusog mututok sa kabulakan,
kusog kaayong mosingo hangtud masud-ipan,

kanunay’ng magpanilap sa lamian’g talan-awon,
siya ang naghupot ug  bastos nga nawong,

pinulbusan ang nawong sa kugihan,
sabakon ug kilay nga tinupihan,

bulingit ang nawong sa  pinasagdan,
sa abog iyang nawong wiriswirisan,

   magpiratpirat, iyang  nawong magkulismaot,
may maghalhal unya magbagotbot,

nawong niya kanunay’ng alimuot,
sayon siya’ng maala-ang mangunguot….



balhiboon kining hikapon,
talawan ug tubig kon bas-on,

mobahihi kon togawon,
kalderitas atong matilawan kon lutuon,

mga hadlokan maligo manganlag kandingon,
sila mangalisbo bisag dili singohon,

 mga pilyo sa buhat nga binatan-on,
magsalig sa pilok sa kanding ilang dad-on,

 panagang kuno kini kon may manguhit,
aron makaharong sa tawhanong painit...

Monday, May 11, 2015


This is the best move ever made by the City Hall under Mayor Mike Rama to help the poor, especially with the "miracle baby," who happens to  survive miraculously when she was thrown outside the house by her distraught mother. The girl got entangled with the vine in the branch of a tree which prevented her from sure death to fall to a 10-meter deep below. There is a hazy story that Mayor Mike Rama showed interest in adopting the baby. If the mother agrees, that would be nice as it might create a  tendency to soften the mayor's heart towards the poor in the city. Who knows the "miracle baby" can cause also the miraculous transformation of Mayor Mike to change his attitude in his treatment towards the poor people living in the city?

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Miracle baby," mom move to new facility."

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: BAHO NI TIU GILADLAD NA???

The "pandora's box" is opened and triggered the exposure of so many "police abuses" committed by Chief Inspector Wildemar Tiu as police chief of Fuente Precinct. And the Chief of Regional Investigation and Detection Management Branch (RIDMB), Lyndon Lawas said the woman molested by Tiu inside the police station can file a complaint with their office. And Lawas disclosed that his office received 5 to 6 complaints since last year against Tiu concerning police misconduct and violation of procedures in handling women and children in conflict with the law. But he refused to give to a CDN reporter when he was pressed more to show some of the complaints as they are still trying to consolidate them, meaning, it is "kept confidential" perhaps not to further damage the "abusive and corrupt" image of Tiu.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "Bar girl says Fuente station chief molested her." It came out on April 23, 2015.


You seem to suggest that you are seriously following how the SBRC inquiry was conducted by its operators: Trillanes, Cayetano and Koko Pimentel. But what surprises me is how in the world was it able to escape your keen observation the manner in which the SBRC operators, if it is their own witness presented like former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, it looks like he was given a red carpet treatment to go on with his accusation even if there was no strong evidence to support his claim while the witnesses who appeared in behalf of the Binays, they are treated like criminals and were obviously harassed and given questions which are beyond the normal and courteous way not to demonize the witness. Do you think VP Binay is so dumb to submit himself to the kind of SBRC operators out to insult and harass him?  When Senate President Franklin Drilon attended the Blue Ribbon Committee inquiry to clarify a question about an overpriced big construction project in Iloilo City, all the Liberal Party allies were there and they seemed to express "alleluia" in chorus whenever Drilon says something to prove his point. And he was given all the courtesy expected from people conducting the inquiry. It is a far cry from what Trillanes and Cayetano used to do to insult and harass those witnesses appearing in behalf of Binay. And as a matter of fact only one opposition senator was there, Senator Nancy Binay, perhaps to project a decent kind of inquiry where even the question of a neophyte senator cannot overcome the odds that was there where everybody was very friendly and courteous to Drilon. If VP Binay was there in that situation,  do you think he will come out alive when the majority of those present were from  the ruling party? I cannot blame Binay for not showing anything to glorify the SBRC inquiry. It was all a sham!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Binays face graft indictment." It was made in reply to someone's posted comment who used a name "Chess_is_great." It came out on 05/09/15.


The best thing CJ Sereno can do under the prevailing circumstances is to inhibit herself from taking part in the final promulgation of a SC decision, i.e., if she wants that the SC decision be respected by everybody, in order that people will accept it as having the semblance of fair play by which all judgment should be accepted by both contending parties, without fear or favor and without even the iota of doubt that the Chief Justice has already prejudged it even before the final decision was achieved by the Supreme Court as a collegial group of justices.

Footnote" This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Sereno may have prejudged Binay TRO case, says law dean." It was made in reply to a posted comment  coming from someone who used his name "newguineicebeer_2009." It came out on 04/22/15.


It is only natural and proper that the Cebu Provincial Anti-illegal Task Force (PAITF) headed now by lawyer Czareem Estella should abandon Loy Madrigal in the legal cases that he filed in court during his time when he was still connected with the Task Force as he did not get the imprimatur from the Task Force head lawyer Estela to file those cases in court. In other words, he did it alone without consulting lawyer Estela. He also figured out in unwarranted immoral conduct with his married secretary and also when he figured out in a vehicular accident while driving a provincial government owned Pickup Truck that side-swept a motorcycle with 2 riding occupants which caused the death of the husband (who was driving the motorcycle) and the wife being hospitalized for a broken leg with the Capitol spending  more than P50K for the hospital bills. Madrigal was a picture of a man brandishing his power with braggadocio as Task Force Head for anti-illegal fishing but he has created more of a problem to people engaged in the fishing business involving millions worth of fish intercepted in some checkpoints where there was no accountability check made for him to remit to government coffers the money generated out of confiscated fish but to his pockets alone. And he was behaving very abusive because of his close connection to Gov. Davide where he was given high powered guns to use in seaborne patrols. But his graces with Gov. Davide turned sour when he figured in that vehicular accident and the governor can no longer stomach his arrogance for it claimed the life of an innocent bread-winner in the family. He was very abusive before and he does not deserve any legal assistance from the Task Force,

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Capitol's task force abandons Madrigal." It came out on May 10, 2015.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I have observed lately, and in several occasions, that this TF editorial is advocating sponsorship of an idea that has appeared careless and does not totally adhere to the reality of the facts. It tries to even consider NSAC, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, as being purely immaculate in how it discharged its function when it refused to allow pain killer shots to the  injured right shoulder of Pacman but, on the other hand, allowed it to be  administered to Mayweather's injured fist. Where is fairness there? If the NSAC allowed it to Pacman's injured right shoulder 3 hours before the fight, the story might have been entirely different as the outcome would have been more in favor of Pacman as people are already aware of how ferociously  Pacman carries himself inside the ring to subdue his opponent so submission. Let us be realistic! The lopsided terms in the contract dictated by Mayweather, even when it comes to the sharing of the purse which is 60-40. And water, sports drink and multivitamin were not allowed to his locker room on the day  of the fight. And if you did not see how Mayweather behaved inside the ring where he kept on dancing and running when Pacman aggressively attacked him, I don't know why this TF editorial can afford to be critical of Pacquiao. It is un-Filipino!

The commission refused to grant Pacquiao's request to have pain killers injected into his injured right shoulder while allowing Mayweather to have pain killer shots on his injured fist. The commission also refused to allow his handlers to bring into his locker room on fight day his water, sports drink and multivitamin supplement. Pacquiao had been taking the sports drink Red Bull and multivitamin Pharmaton prior to the fight. "The NSAC was not fair. Pacquiao was fighting in hostile territory," said the source  who asked not to be named for lack of authority to speak for the Filipino ring idol. Just so Mayweather would stop dodging him, Pacquiao had said he  agreed to the lopsided terms imposed by Mayweather in their fight contract. These terms included a 60-40 sharing of the revenue right of Mayweather Promotions to handle the fight, and the mandatory blood testing. That Mayweather was getting special treatment in Las Vegas was the reason he did not agree to fight at the Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas, which Pacquiao had proposed during the negotiations for what had been billed the "Fight of the Century." Mayweather, with all his money, controls everything in Las Vegas," the source said. Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, revealed that the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) had taken blood samples of the Filipino boxer a total of 13 times since Pacquiao agreed to the drug-testing protocols according to the conditions imposed by Mayweather in their fight contract. The 13th testing was made on Friday, the day of the official weigh-in and one day before the fight. Roach said the USADA would not reveal how many times Mayweather was similarly tested. In the days leading to the mega fight, the commission and Mayweather camp were "playing mind games" with Pacquiao, the source complained. On several occasions, the NSAC entertained complaints by Mayweather about Pacquiao gloves, his hand tapes and the groin guard. "They were trying to get into Manny's mind," he said. In Sunday's hotel interview, Pacquiao said he did not want to make a big fuss about his shoulder injury, which he sustained during sparring a couple of weeks before the fight. Interviewed Monday on GMA network, Pacquiao said he originally injured the shoulder while jet skiing off Gen. Santos City in 2009. In Sunday's interview he said  Team Pacquiao had thought of having the fight postponed, but it was agreed that he would let the injury heal and go ahead with the fight because he did not want to disappoint the fans.

The fight was doomed to be in Mayweather's side and there was no chance for Pacman to win unless he knocks him out. But how could he, when Mayweather kept himself dancing and running inside the ring whenever Pacman attacked him with his relentless pummeling fists and Mayweather would immediately hug and embrace and clinch to Pacman no end. It was a shame for Mayweather to have shown his fighting techniques that is not characteristic of a good boxer but a coward boxer who kept on avoiding the knockout punch from Pacman by running away! To the people who view the fight, especially those in the ringside, when it was announced that Mayweather won the fight it was booed by majority of the onlookers! It was a  shame for Mayweather. He did not deserve to win the fight. The referees, 3 of them, were just like the referees who scored Timothy Bradley the winner over Pacman in their first fight.

If there is any human being with rotten soul and an evil character, it is no other than Mayweather! He is just like his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., who was reported bragging from earlier reports that there is no more rematch between his son Floyd and Pacquiao because Pacquiao will  never win against his son. Let them enjoy their beastly pride and their tons of money for when they die they will still be eaten by worms. They are nothing!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF editorial, entitled, "Unfit to be ambassador for anything." It came out on May 6, 2015.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


You have a different outlook in life. Maybe, if you are in the shoes of Pacman, you cannot imagine how he treats people who come to him as a group of  well-wishers. He has a big heart for his friends and people who come to him  to share his blessing in life. And you can consider the different way he treats them because he knew how hard it is to live like what he experienced when  he was still a little boy roaming the streets looking for something to help his  poor family. But I don't think Manny is that dumb not to notice people who just want his company for a ride, to suck his fortune like leeches, as you said. Your outlook in life is completely different with what Manny has. If it makes him happy to be with people who love him, let him do it. He is the master of his life. He knows  what is best for him. And I appreciate the kind of person that he is. He is one  in a million!

Footnote: This comment was in reply to somebody's posting in the comment portion of a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Unfit to be ambassador for anything." That blogger used a name "jj" which caused my interest to  write him a reply. That news item came out on May 6, 2015.


It would be sheer stupidity for me to claim that I belong to the silent majority who can easily discern a person with ulterior motive who  keeps all his focus to one person only against Binay. If you did not notice it in the way Trillanes is conducting his monotonous and ill-motivated campaign against VP Binay I do not consider it my moral obligation to convince you that you are in the wrong side of the equation. Each one of us is gifted with the power to easily detect a man using his political clout especially that Trillanes is with the ruling party in power but I cannot force you to change your mind of what Trillanes is doing especially that you consider him as only doing his job. But try to be honest with yourself and try to consider the P245M  DAP-money given to him by Budget Secretary Butch Abad in 2011 and 2012, in which up to the present, Trillanes was only able to explain through his website the amount of P50M, where does the P195M go? It behooves upon Trillanes to explain to the people how did he spend it?  Instead of digging more about the transactions of the Binays, why doesn't he  explain first his side about the excessive money he received from DAP?

If this is all what Trillanes can do as a senator, he should better resign! The people are sick and tired of his endless accusation against the Binays which already runs for 8 months or more, while the Mamasapano massacre investigation involving the lives lost of our 44 SAF commandos, where BS Aquino was at fault, was already terminated after a few hearings because the majority of his political allies in the party are making a cover-up of Aquino's wrongdoing. Trillanes is endlessly obsessed with his political persecution campaign against the Binays even if he has no tangible and hard evidence to back him up in his accusations for it is all a witch-hunting and fishing expedition. Instead of crafting meaningful legislation to help improve the lives of the Filipinos who now go out in droves by the thousands daily to other foreign countries as OFWs because the government does not have a solid program to give them decent jobs in our country. This man - Trillanes - is just wasting taxpayers' money and he still has the gall to continue with his obvious political persecution campaign against the Binays. What a shame!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Sunstar, entitled, "Trillanes: Binay benefits from Makati school." It is made in reply to a comment posted by someone using "Bay Poloy" as his name. It came out on May 6, 2015.


It's been a longtime dream by people concerned about the disparity with which progress has been endlessly applied to Manila and the whole of Luzon island as compared to the kind of progress we observed in the islands of the Visayas and Mindanao. But I think, even how much we try our best it is a known fact that most people in Luzon have more money to spend and they have formidable clout in the way things are developing in our country. And perhaps, historically, we can consider the government setup way back during the time of the early Spanish rule where the seat of power was there in Manila. It does not mean, we do not have capable and talented personalities in the Visayas and Mindanao but when it comes to logistics, clout and political powerhouse superiority, nobody can beat the powerful political warlords from Luzon. And that's the primary reason, I think, why our national presidents mostly come from Luzon.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by Atty. JBJ for The FREEMAN, entitled, "2016 should be the year for the Visayas and Mindanao." It came out on May 7, 2015.



panaw nga daw maglutawlutaw,
ngadto ngari ang iyang  panan-aw,

ang padulngan dili matataw,
 kalas kaayo kini siya ug bahaw,

sama kini's kalatagaw sa langaw,
lakaw man gud kining dala panghagdaw,

 mga libod suroy kanunay'ng maglatagaw,
 lagyo’g maabot, may muoli nga mabuntagan,

hangtod mga mata magsiga, maghalhal na lang,
 siya nasum-ok diay sa latagaw'ng binuhatan…


PANGLUOD buhat nga nagumikan sa balikog nga sangputanan, dili tukma sa iyang gipaabot ang nasum-okan, kinaiya kining dili ka...