Saturday, February 28, 2015



I cannot understand the people's comments here below. Instead of taking the side of VP Binay, who was told to "get off the stage" upon the order of "you know who?" everybody took the  opposite side by ganging up on him and ridiculing Binay to the hilt. Even when Binay offered a "neutral ground" when he was asked to comment on people's demand for P-Noy "to step down,"  and Binay said in a reconciling mood that he likes P-Noy to finish his term for he (Binay) is not interested with any "short-cut" to the presidency even if it is allowed by law as it is what the constitution expressly says as a normal way on the "law on succession." But still the P-Noy loyalists would not listen to reason, they still feel it so good lambasting Binay with gusto. What a bunch of pathetic idiots!

ksalanO - (to D_BystandeR):

You are pathetic. The PSG was right in telling Binay to get off the stage because he does not belong there. That is not a place for a person who steals money from government coffers, or worse, a plunderer. His place is prison. He should have been kicked off the stage so he'll know where he belongs.

D_BystanderR - (to ksalanO):

The PSG did not do it at its own volition because it was only acting upon the order of P-Noy. In an extremely case of an "ill-mannered conduct" now being resorted towards the second highest official of the land, VP Binay, who was there officially to join in the commemoration of the 29th anniversary celebration of EDSA revolution aimed to refresh the rise to power of Cory through "People Power," and to which VP Binay had so much at stake when he poured all his strength in his unflinching effort to vigorously help in the campaign for the restoration of freedom in our country which we lost to dictatorship to Marcos for 20 long years, there he was unceremoniously told to "get off the stage," ironically, by the very son of Cory whom VP Binay had earnestly helped during the early stage of her presidency and to which President Cory thankfully reciprocated by appointing him the OIC of Makati, as one of her first priority pronouncement right after she captured the seat of power in Malacanang in 1986.

Footnote: This is an excerpt from the "comment portion" of a news item in PDI, entitled, "Why Binay got off the stage during Edsa rites. It came out on February 28, 2015.

Friday, February 27, 2015


It looks like a "$64 dollar question" why of all things, the City Legal Office has chosen to keep the Deed of Acceptance away from the scrutinizing eyes of the City Council and insisted it to become the only stumbling block why the City Council decided to withhold its endorsement for the payment of freight charges for a donation of "life saving equipment" from the States that includes two used ambulances, 10 brand new inflatable boats, three fiberglass speed boats, and two Jet Skis. The P15M worth of donations with P2.6M as freight is now the object of unfathomable surprise from independent observers why the  City Legal Office is behaving as if it wants "to lose by default" in the city's claim over the donated items just for the sole reason of withholding the Deed of Acceptance to be viewed and scrutinized by the City Council. And the Legal Office cannot just decide on its own but it must be through "an order from higher authority" at the city hall. It's one of the example how the city is wasting a rare opportunity to have those donations slip our hands by "omission" and by "lack of foresight." And Mayor Mike Rama cannot just easily wash his hands over this tragic case of glaring "incompetence" to appreciate this valuable donation to Cebu City.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled,  "Council refuses to pay fees for donated items." It came out on February 26, 2015. The donated items is reported to have arrived in February 2014, and is now gathering dusts and this drove the Head of the donor organization to ask the city if it's still interested to claim it, otherwise, he will give it to some other interested parties.


This is the product of "shortsightedness" on the part of Mayor Mike Rama who was the one calling the shots immediately right after the earthquake took place more than a year ago. There were some suggestions that the CCMC building, since it was not beyond repair as it could still have been okay for some needed major repairs on some strategic  portions, and therefore could only have needed the rough estimate of P20M or a little more. But now, since the whole building was torn down, the city needs P1.2B or P1.5B and  the city has no money to expect for such kind of huge expenditure. Ug wa pa unta to maghinambog si Mayor Mike, one year after, karon nabalik na unta ang serbisyo nga gikinahanglan kaayo sa mga tawong kabus sa syudad sa Sugbo ug dili na unta kinahanglan nga i-downgrade ang serbisyo sa ospital gikan sa Level III diin 300 ka pasyente ang iyang madawat kaniadto ikumparar sa pagkakaron nga Level I nga 108 na lang ka pasyente ang madawat nga kaalagaran. Mao nay resulta sa hunahuna nga taas kaayo ug lupad unya ang bulsa wa diay ika-sarang sa nagbuntaog nga gastohanan ug karon nalukop na lang ug "pakilimos." Ang nakadaut kay dako kaayo ug deperensya ang serbisyo sa pagkakaron apan si Mayor Mike igo lang sa pagpanghupaw ug pagpanglingo-lingo kay wa man siyay mahimo sa iyang dinalidali nga desisyon nga sobra ra kaayo ka mapasagaron.

Footnote" This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "City dad eyes loan to rebuild CCMC." It came out on February 25, 2015.


It was considered the most opportune time for the son of a Dictator's arch-political rival, Ninoy Aquino, who was ordered killed in the airport tarmac upon his arrival  from self-exile in the US in August 1983, but the son, Noynoy, who was doubly blessed to have both of his parents considered as our leading national heroes that helped us untangled the chains that kept us enslaved under dictatorship for 20 long years, could now be regarded as having thoughtlessly squandered his  possible slot in history that could have been reserved for "probable heroes" in the future had he not recklessly squandered his ample opportunity with the senseless deaths of the 44 SAF troopers in Mamasapano, Maguindanao due to unpardonable ineptness.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "The real meaning of EDSA, then and now." It came out on Feb. 25, 2015.


I find this "TF Editorial" a fitting kind of assessment of how Malacanang viewed the recent deaths of 44 SAF troopers vis-a-vis the current "unwavering" campaign that P-Noy has shown to "capture" the approval of congressmen as well as senators,  surprisingly trying to "push through" a peace process to ensure the passage of BBL into becoming a law at "all costs." This is a shameless stand by P-Noy to force through the throat of every Filipino despite the fact that even before the BBL's approval it has already claimed precious lives of our SAF cops. What about the people's loud and angry calls for him (P-Noy) to resign? Did it fall in deaf ears? Is Aquino so dumb and  stubbornly indifferent to the interest and future of every Filipino that he sees nothing except to have this BBL approved? Is he now under the spell of the "bad spirits" that he has already lost any semblance of reason to think it over and ponder it a thousand times of how silly he was to adopt that kind of arrogant posture to test the patience of the Filipino people?

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "EDITORIAL - BBL must be viewed in the global context." It came out on February 26, 2015.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I cannot understand how the mind of this Regional State Prosecutor Fernando Gubalane works that he appeared so pliant-minded that whenever there is a  request for him to change the normally accepted standard procedure, he quickly gave in to the demand. The first case involved the five provincial prosecutors  originally assigned to handle the case of the slain lawyer Noel Archival together  with two of his close-in aides and the seriously wounding of another. When the HPG (Highway Patrol Group) suspects, through their lawyer, asked that the five prosecutors be inhibited to handle it, Gubalane, without much ado, immediately gave in and  appointed a prosecutor from Lapu-Lapu City to take over. The second case refers to Bobby Nalzaro's demand that the two prosecutors assigned to handle it would inhibit themselves from handling it, citing "flimsy" reasons. The two prosecutors, Truya and Casino refused to heed Nalzaro's demand and stood firm in their decision to stick to the handling of the case, unless told to refrain from handling it by their supervisor. But this time, Nalzaro changed his strategy and, instead, asked the Regional State Prosecutor Gubalane, perhaps banking on the precedent that this man can be swayed easily to change anything under his supervision, like what  happened to the HPG request. And true enough, Gubalane quickly acceded to  Nalzaro's demand. I wonder what kind of a supervisor is Gubalane made of that he cannot say "NO" to anybody requesting him to change the prosecutors handling a certain case just because the person making the request simply did not like the face of the prosecutors? And what complicates to the "mystery" behind his action is that the letter containing his reasons for arriving at such kind of decision is  considered "off-limits" to the media as no copy could be seen when interested  parties tried to ask for a copy to find out how convincing is his "reason."

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "2 prosecutors pulled out from Nalzaro libel case." It came out on February 25, 2015.


I cannot understand the people's comments here below. Instead of taking the side of VP Binay, who was reportedly told to get "off the stage" at the 29th year anniversary celebration held in EDSA upon the instruction of "you know who?" everybody took  the opposite side by ridiculing Binay to the hilt. Even when Binay offered a "neutral ground" when asked to comment on people's demand for P-Noy to step down and  Binay said, on the contrary, he likes P-Noy to finish his term for he is not interested  with any "short-cut" to get the presidency even if it is allowed by law as it is expressly stated in the constitution as a normal way to effect "the law on succession." But still, the P-Noy loyalists bloggers would not listen to reason, they still "feel it so good," lambasting Binay with gusto. What a bunch of pathetic idiots!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in PDI, entitled, "Why Binay got off the stage during Edsa rites." It came out on February 25, 2015.


You can hardly find a man who still maintains to stick to his vow to defend P-Noy "at all costs," whether he has done it right or wrong. But we cannot tell if that man is blinded because he finds the previous presidents unable to put behind bars leading political opponents unlike what happened to JPE, Bong Revilla and Jinggoy who are now languishing in jail, although they still have a chance to untangle themselves from their present incarceration through some other means where their lawyers are still busy burning their midnight candles in doing their "research" work to find a legal breakthrough. But what is hard to understand is that only the political opponents are "punished" but those lawmakers identified with the administration are still scott-free because the agencies doing the screening of some other "law breakers" are still doing their work with so many "alibis" that's why no one from P-Noy's cohorts are put in jail. But the biggest blunder one would have realized to decide to cut-off his canine  devotion to P-Noy is the death of our 44 SAFs in which all fingers are now pointing to Malacanang as the culprit for such carnage to have happened because P-Noy wants to save "the peace process of the BBL instead of saving the lives of our soldiers.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Good enough for the finisher's prize." It came out on Feb. 20, 2015. The person referred to here in this short article is a man who uses his "pen name" - JVV123 - when posting a comment in the internet. In every article that he reads where P-Noy's credibility is "attacked," he is quick to post a comment in defense of P-Noy.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


It is surprising to find out that one year after the ambush-slaying of lawyer Noel Archival together with his 2 close-aides and the critically wounding of another, it is still a picture of "hopelessness," despite the order of warrant of arrest already issued against the 3 HPG suspects. There was already a "suspected" indication that the suspects' lawyer Inocencio dela Cerna asked for the transfer of his clients to Manila "holding area" so that they will be away from the watchful eyes of the victims' relatives and the "nosy" Cebu media. And while nobody was watching them how they go about with their stay in the "Manila holding area," it now came out as a big surprise to the righteous people of Cebu who have been closely following the investigation as well as the handling of the case in court that the HPG suspects are now nowhere to be found as if they just "disappeared in thin air" when summons were already issued to compel their presence in court. And the people expected to keep their "close watch" over the movement of those guys should be strictly held accountable and be made to explain how come the  suspects "disappeared" under their watch. This could serve as one of the best "evidence" that, indeed, the military and the police authorities involved in committing crimes in our country are using their "badge" of impunity to avoid punishment. It's a big insult to the grieving families of the victims who clamor and demand for justice for the death of
their loved ones.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN,  entitled, "EDITORIAL - Archival ambush: A year after." It came out on Feb. 21, 2015.


The headline story" bearing the name of the place - Guinsaugon - struck me right away with special interest so I did not waste my time to read it carefully. Yes, that was in 2006, and by that time I was already 6 years in the States as a permanent  immigrant but I always make it a point to get some local news from Filipino stores located in some Chicago suburbs to keep myself abreast with what's going on in my native country Philippines. And I could still remember reading the news story  that reported about the thousands of lives buried in mud when a nearby mountain that perched on a hilltop crumbled down due to an earthquake and engulfed whatever it passed by, school buildings, houses, vegetable plantations, and every living person in the area. I even made it a point whenever I pray the Holy Rosary at night (I inherited it to pray the Rosary from my mother who died at 87 in April 1995 in Cebu City) and even doing it to say something for the peaceful repose of the souls of the victims for several months that took place in Barangay Guinsaugon, St. Bernard, Southern Leyte.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by Jobers Bersales for the Cebu Daily News as he was there recently to visit the place as the 9th year annual anniversary was only 2 days away when they left the place of Guinsaugon. It came out on February 19, 2015.


If I were in his shoes and that is the only thing he can afford to come up with to defend his "benefactor" P-Noy, he better had chosen not to open his mouth as it would only "expose" his shallow interpretation in the context of constitutional law. I notice him to be not the extrovert type, not like his father, the retired Chief Justice Jun Davide, where even during the time when he was still a practicing lawyer in Cebu in the 1960s, before his appointment by Cory to become the COMELEC Chairman, I have already high regards for his eloquence and his exceedingly brilliant legal mind that finally qualified him to become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. His son, Junjun, sad to say, was not able to follow the footsteps of his brilliant father.

Gov. Jun has lots of friends from his law office now serving as his assistants but I doubt if he sought their advice to be enlightened on that particular subject about "constitution"to avoid any "embarrassing" blunder.

Footnote: This comment  came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "EDITORIAL - Defending the indefensible." It came out on Feb. 19, 2015.


It's a sad thing to realize that the poor in its quest to fight economic regression caused by  some factors, among others, the government's failure to offer jobs to thousands of the unemployed, are now being subjected to strict CITOM ruling (as proposed), now clamping on their "ingenuity" to reach their destination Cebu City - through the fastest, easiest way  thru SRP by means of riding a motorcycle (the only means of transportation their pockets can afford to buy to help them report to their work place) and some other means by using privately owned vehicles to transport them to their work in Cebu City from Talisay. The Cebu City CITOM disclosed that they have already apprehended 19 "colorums" used by people who worked in Cebu City. And this is another thing that posed a great problem to  commuters who just want to work in Cebu City with their means to go there being subjected to the "rules" as if they are going through the "eye of a needle." But Mayor JVR expressed his agreement to the proposal to ban the motorcycles from using the SRP only for one  month. Maybe Mayor JVR finds one month acceptable to him because he is not like some of his constituents in Talisay that we call, "kakha-tuka!" Ug wa kay trabaho sa usa ka adlaw maglabad na imong tingkoy asa ka'g ipakaon sa imong pamilya tungod sa ilang kalisud nga nagsalig lang sa inadlaw-adlaw nga panarbaho.

FOOTNOTE; This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "JVR open to one month motorcycle ban in SRP." It came out on Feb. 19, 2015.


Mao nay gipangita ug gipaabut sa mga tawo nga bisan ug naa sa oposisyon kinahanglan nga tan-awon unsay makaayo sa mga tawo dili kay ang pagbabag na lang maoy priming buhaton aron masulbad ang mga dagkong problema ilabi na tungod sa kadaot nga nahiaguman sa katawhan human molabay ang makalilisang ug makusog nga bagyong Yolanda. San Remegio town Mayor Mariano Martinez has only 4 councilors in his team out of 9 but the opposition councilors did not think about politics but endorsed the mayor's plan to apply a loan from WB (World Bank) to help solved the problems of the entire community regardless of political party affiliations. But in Daanbantayan town, Mayor Augusto Corro cannot avail of the loan offered by WB because 7 out of 9 councilors belong to the opposition and they don't care if the typhoon victims will remain wallowing in miserable living conditions as long as they stick to their role to block anything good for the people so that the mayor will not succeed in his plan to help the typhoon victims. What a pathetic kind of idiots!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Opposition-led council backs WB loan for town." It came out on Feb. 20, 22015.


Time and again and in many instances, it has been shown and proven through his actions that Mayor Mike Rama has no "heart" for the poor. Look what he did to several informal settlers! And this people living in Dona Pepang cemetery are paying their monthly rental dues for the lots they occupy but Rama wants their houses demolished so they will be added to the countless number of people without "roof over their heads." Kining tawhana way kaluoy sa mga kabus kay wa man god ni siyang kaagi ug unsa kapait ang kinabuhi sa pobre. But in 2016, it will be end of the road for him because the poor people will rally against him and oust him from his seat in the City Hall by replacing him with a man who knows how to understand the problems of the poor. And this man is no other than Tommy O, considered as the "man of the masses."

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Settlers at cemetery ask court to stop Rama from destroying their houses." It came out on February 20, 2015.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



paharuhayan'g dugukan sa katawhan,
ladlaran sa nagkalainlaing katuyuan,
himoonong pugaran sa mga kukhan,

daghan ang maniid, ug may mangatang,
pitaka sa maglulinghayaw kuninitan,
han-ukanan sa mangita ug kaparang,

 mamasing may mapalgan nga kapahut-an,
 mga tinguhang naghaguros aron  makatagamtam,
sa gimithi ug gidamgo  nga ting-usbawan..


With the way Nalzaro is trying to do asking for fiscals to inhibit themselves as he considers them  hostile to his case, time will come the case will be finally junked as no fiscal can be  made to handle it, as that is probably what Nalzaro wants. But during the time he  subjected Tommy O to his unprovoked ridicule and insults, he was doing it as if he  has all the liberty to destroy the honor and prestige of Tommy. Morag nagtuo siya nga  way balaod nga kasandigan si Tommy aron kasilotan siya sa iyang pagdaut sa  pagkatawo ni Tommy. Karon nalukop na lang siya ug panghimbis sa mga piskal nga kuno wa siyang kaayon kay nagduda siya nga dili "neutral" ang ilang baruganan sa pagpahigayon sa maong kaso. Nagtuo siya kaniadto nga siya ray maayong laki ug labing hawod sa tanan apan karon daw sa mibahag na ang iyang ikog. Nahadlok tingali siya sa gidangatan ni kanhi Mayor Gilbert Wagas sa lungsod sa Compostela nga karon atua na sulod sa  mabugnawon bilanggoan nagtingkagol tungod sa pagka-konbikto niini sa kaso nga libel. Maayo sab nang makatilaw ka ug priso Super Bob kay dugay na kaayo kang  nagpahimulos sa imong pagka-numero unong pagarpar!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "Nalzaro seeks inhibition of fiscals in libel cases." It came out on 02/05/15.


In other countries, like Japan, the people do not need to call for the top official to resign. The official concerned will just perform the traditional "harakiri" to signify  his acceptance with valor and pride to own and accept the responsibility for that unpardonable "blunder" that caused the senseless deaths of our 44 SAF troopers. But in our country, I only noticed and admired one man who, even when he is now six feet below, the people still remember him with respect and admiration and he is no other than the late General Angelo "Angie" Reyes who proved his worth as a true leader "worth his salt," by using only one bullet to settle a score, like: "Isang  bala ka lang!" I doubt if the present leadership of P-Noy will have the courage to do it in the name of the entire Filipino people who still mourned the "senseless deaths" of our 44 troopers.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "Cebu governor: Calls for P-Noy to resign “off tangent.'" It came out on February 18, 2015.


The cash assistance of P20K given by Dumanjug municipal government to the family of P01 Wendel Candano, a SAF member who died in Maguindanao plus the P80K as additional assistance will certainly go a long way to help the family (a wife and a son)  of the fallen soldier. But the Trust Fund initiated by Mayor Nelson Garcia for the educational expenses of Candano's 7-year old son, Sian Gabriel, which can only be enjoyed by the beneficiary when he reaches 18 is a long story to tell. Somewhere along the way, so many things can happen and to expect for it to materialize will be like "counting the chicks when not yet hatched." To be practical, why not allow the son to be funded in school up to the time he graduates in college?

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "SAF cop's wake to be moved to wife's home." It came out on 02/05/15.


This is not the first time I read about the generosity of Sir Dodong Gullas who celebrated today - Feb. 1 - his 81st birthday. In a previous event where he was reported showing his "big heart" for the poor and for the community, if I remember right, after a strong typhoon toppled down a church in a northern  Cebu town, he spent his own money to build a new church, including the "convento." I have not heard of anybody as generous as Sir Dodong Gullas  and I cannot help but praise to high heavens that Sir Dodong and his wife, Madam Nena, will be rewarded by God with sound health and many more birthdays to come. Mabuhay si Sir Dodong Gullas and his wife, and may their tribe increase!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Dodong Gullas celebrates birthday with free services." It came out on January 31, 2015.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: NAKONSYENSIYA SI P-NOY???

Reading the reaction of P-Noy from the time the news broke out about the 44 SAF killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, I can just sadly say that it depicts a picture of a man who must have been bothered by his conscience for exposing the precious lives of SAF cops to harm's way," by giving his approval to a kind of "special operation"hatched by Police Director General Alan Purisima, who was under suspension by the Ombudsman for 6 months. In hindsight, he should not have allowed it to happen, putting in peril the lives of our soldiers just for the purpose of capturing two "high-prized" terrorists, Marwan and Usman. But the stakes are high because it was like a secret military operation where the military chain of command, Gen. Leonardo Espina and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, were kept in the dark. And when asked if they got the permission to enter MILF territory to carry out the mission, Purisima confided that because there is a "ceasefire agreement" between MILF and the GRP (Government of the Republic of the Philippines), he finds there was no need to. And that is now the whole trouble because as a result, 44 SAF lives were lost, but in a physical count made by MILF investigator there was a total of 64, and probably, the excess number consisted of some local police in the area plus the native guides.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Editorial - No warm reassurance, only a chilly silence." It came out on January 30, 2015.


"When you talk and walk like a duck, you must be a duck." But no, that mostly "overused" quoted phrase aimed to pin down where the buck stops, has been denied several times but nothing can be further from the truth. If the good cardinal did not want to be entangled into this kind of imbroglio, why did he deliberately read the "NTC call" for P-Noy to resign? Perhaps we can understand and give Cardinal Vidal the benefit of the doubt because he has already  undergone so much by serving the Cebuanos during his younger days and earned the prestige of a fearless warrior who surrenders to no one except the truth and the path of righteousness. If the good cardinal, at 84, now wants to do away with being involved in any serious issue involving the number one raging national controversy then let him take that choice because I can understand that he is now tired with any kind of "battle" as he just wants to concentrate on his retirement. I'm sure the majority of the Cebuanos can give him the "excuse" he so badly needs at this time for he deserves now to be "trouble free" while savoring the golden life of a retired Emeritus Cardinal Vidal.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Editorial - Actions speak louder than words." It came out on February 18, 2015.


The eloquence of Pope Francis in discussing the Charlie Hebdo "punch" line comment attributed to him where he said, if a close friend of him had cursed his mother then he (his friend) can expect a punch from him for that is not a justification for becoming violent in a reaction. But he clarified, there is prudence for one to use that you cannot continually use provocation to try one's patience. You have to respect a person for his chosen religion and not to mock him. Speaking to reporters en route home from the Philippines, Francis said" "In theory we can say a violent reaction to an offense or provocation isn't a good thing, that one shouldn't do it. In theory we can say what Gospel says, that we should turn the other cheek. In theory we can say that we have the freedom to express ourselves," he said. "But we are human. And there is prudence, which is a virtue of human coexistence. I cannot insult or provoke someone continually because I risk making him angry." The "punch" line and the confusion it caused, was a reflection of how Francis' informal and sometimes unpapal sense of humor can sometimes cause confusion or get him in trouble. In fact, moments after clarifying his Charlie Hebdo remarks, Francis told a story about a run-in he had back in the 1990s in Buenos Aires with two corrupt public officials who offered him the equivalent of $400,000 for his works of charity  on the condition that they got some of it back as a kickback. "And in that moment I thought, 'What should I do? Either insult them and kick them where the sun doesn't shine or play the fool," Francis said. He said he ended up playing the fool, but his response was further evidence that his casual speaking style is just that: casual.

Footnote: This is an excerpt taken from a news item in Yahoo News aboard a plane in  his flight home from the Philippines, entitled, "Pope: Charlie Hebdo 'punch' not a justification of violence." It came out on January 20, 2015.


I find this article written by Atty. JBJ a very fitting description of how Pres. Aquino "erred" in the side of wisdom in not to observe the proper protocol when welcoming a sovereign head of state, especially the popular and pro-people Pope Francis. P-Noy could have "let go" his sour notes against some clerics whom he criticized as only finding fault in his administration and forgot to magnify the "sins" of GMA during her term, he was short of divulging the fact that some bishops were "bribed" by GMA with expensive Pajeros to win their loyalty and turned a blind eye to her shenanigans. But again, there is another time for washing dirty linens in public and P-Noy should have reserved it for another day in order not to spoil the day of Pope Francis visiting our country.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by Atty. JBJ for The FREEMAN, entitled, "Between the pope's diplomacy and the president's "faux pas." It came out on January 17, 2015.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Maayo lang na sultihon ninyo nga buhion ang kagahapon pinaagi sa paghimo ug "harana" nga ipahinungod sa ilang mga pinalangga sa ilang kinabuhi. Apan ang usa ka buhing kamatuoran mao nga bisan ug unsaon pa nila wa na gyud silay mahimo pa tungod sa buhing kamatuoran nga tungod sa nagpatong-patong na nga lut-od sa daghang katuigan nga nanglabay, whether you like it or not, you will later on admit that, "Ang hunahunahuna na lay nagdako ang lawas di na masugo. Buot pa unta intawon siya apan ang makina kagalkal na, kay nangluag na man iyang twerka, ang kambyo usab hugado na, moatras dili na moabante kay nahutdan na intawon kumpare sa asiete?!"  And that is to quote a popular song composed  by Max Surban, Hehehe!

josef - (to D_BystandeR):

Diha koy iyaan nga nanganak nga 59 na ang edad unya 60 na niadto ang iyang banang mag-uuma. Nahitabo ni niadtong 1995 didto sa Barangay Bingag sa lungsod sa Dauis, Bohol. May silingan sab ang akong apohan nga nanganak sa panuigon nga 54, 57 na niadto ang iyang banang polis. Nahitabo kini kaniadtong 2001 didto sa Loay, Bohol. Kining duha ka hitabo nakapamatuod lang nga dili tanang nagpanuigon ug 40 ngadto sa 69 wala nay ikasugakod sa ilang obligasyon ngadto sa ilang kapikas.

D_BystandeR:  (to josef):

Wa tang kahibawo basig nigamit to sila ug "viagra o di ba cialis," hehehe. Pero ako bisan pa'g hatagan ko ug "viagra" di ko modawat kay maka-hap kuno na. Pero dihay akong amigo nga siaw kaayo, matud pa niya, "Ah, di ko mahadlok nga mabuta. Bahala na ug mamatay basta naa sa ibabaw sa kamay!" Hehehe!

Footnote: This comment and exchange of ideas in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Harana," which came out on February 8, 2015 or 6 days before Valentines Day. A group of doctors and other male medical practitioners have notified The FREEMAN that their group, within the inclusive ages of 40 to 60, have decided to form a group of "old singers" to rekindle their "flame of love" to their wives, And they have decided to use only purely Visayan songs to carry on their plan because there are Visayan songs  of yesteryears that fittingly described how our local "boys" in their younger days have been correspondingly inspired to "transmit" their feelings to their loved ones. And this was all aimed to celebrate the occasion of the Valentines Day, considered globally as the day of lovers and of "the hearts!" that murmured the intricate realities all about love!

Monday, February 16, 2015


There is a long list of those that needs help but I take it as a special case to mention the beggars with whom I remember one time I read a news item where city hall department group of employees specializing in arresting those people with big heart who are caught giving few loose coins to the poor beggars. I just hope with the coming of Pope Francis, our local lawmakers will be brave enough to revoke that city ordinance against mendicancy. It has not done anything good to the life of the poor beggars but only succeeded in making their life more miserable.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Mercy and compassion: If the  government only has them." It came out on January 16, 2015.


Cases like this has not been reported last year so we can still consider that Senior Supt. Conrad Capa is new to the assignment as Cebu City Police Chief after Mayor Mike Rama's favorite Sr. Supt. Noli Romana was promoted to a position in Manila. And to think that he (Capa)  originally came from Manila does not fit well to your observation as if you undermine his potential capability. Don't you know why Capa was assigned in Cebu? It is because it looks like he "stepped on the toes" of  some influential people in Manila when out of his eagerness to arrest  the elusive President and Chairman of Globe Asiatique, Delfin Lee, who had embezzled P6B of the Pag-ibig Fund and who had been "on the run" for two years, he arrested him one day but instead of being rewarded for  "a job well done" he was instead "belittled." And reading the news about what Capa has in mind after witnessing 2.5M people attending the Sinulog celebration, he even wished he had 4,000 of his men to secure the Sinulog instead of only 2,000. And this kind of hooliganism featured in The FREEMAN "Editorial" might be taken up next year under his able command and  leadership, i.e., if he is still around for next year's Sinulog celebration.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN, entitled, "Editorial - A big blackeye for the Sinulog and Cebu City." It came out on January 21, 2015.


It doesn't matter whether you can afford to shell out P1 or P5 and it's not for you to make it big that because it's your hard-earned  money you are already contented with it and at liberty to ridicule somebody who was able to give something "bigger" out of his own free will and generosity. And it is as far as your own personal feeling is concerned. But to the family of the SAF members, do you think your P1 matters? You should be practical enough because there are lots of millionaires in our country but who among them volunteered to give even a small chunk of their fortune? Not even  President Aquino, even if he gets it from whatever source, like what some of those you want to downplay that what VP Binay was doing in a benevolent gesture meant nothing to you because of your  distorted interpretation. But to those families who are in need at this critical moment of their lives, Binay's move to give them P100k each is something that truly helps them in time of need. Not like some people who always make long speeches but will not dig deep into their pocket to give something to the bereaved families. What is most  important at this time is to be practical and to be of service where your "unlimited" generosity counts the most to them.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled, "Binay family gives P100k to each Mamasapano survivors." It came out on Feb. 8, 2015. This was in answer to some unkind comments posted in the "comment portion" that seem to deride and downplay the generosity shown by VP Binay to the massacre survivors with comment trying to argue in a distorted kind of reasoning that even if he gives P1 because that was his "hard-earned" money and comparing it with the money given by Binay as being taken from a questionable source. What a distorted kind of reasoning used by people who were probably hired by Binay's political opponents to throw mud at him even if their claim is downright false, baseless and totally unfounded.

Saturday, February 14, 2015



In order to exact justice, stop the BBL.


Dapat talaga sini-censored yan. Napakalupit naman ng mga nag-video pa niyan.

D_BystandeR: (to Elnore):

It is not the people recording the video that you should condemn but the people doing the brutal slaying of the SAF troopers. You should even cite them for their courageous effort in risking their lives to record it. What if the lawless elements, knowing they were being covered by a video recorder, would in turn train their guns on them to kill them? Without their heroic effort to do it we would never have any idea how the SAF members were mercilessly killed.

Ernie Penas:

On what grounds does the NBI have the right to confiscate those DVDs? Those  are not exactly pirated copies of copy-righted movies. The public has the right to know what happened if this DVD shows the savagery of the MILF, then let the public see it. The truth always has a way of coming out. Repressing it will only whet the people's appetite.


Could you tell that with a straight face to the families of the fallen 44? OK, why not ask them to watch the video or perhaps narrate to them what you have seen? Perhaps you will have the sense of satisfaction.

Ernie Penas - (to pickers1368):

They don't have to see it, if they don't want to. This applies to everybody. It's called "free will."

D_BystandeR: - (to Ernie Penas):

You got the point there. I think the order to confiscate the DVDs depicting the brutal way the SAF troopers were killed came from DOJ Sec. De Lima because NBI falls under her jurisdiction in DOJ. You should know that De Lima is now acting as part of the "spin control" to diffuse the people's anger against P-Noy with the way he put the precious lives of our SAF members in harm's way. And the unbelievably unacceptable reaction P-Noy exhibited himself that instead of being uncontrollably overwhelmed by his emotion upon learning the deaths of our soldiers, he was a picture of somebody who was unaffectedly indifferent, and cold, and he even asked the people to "be calm," because he values more the recovery of the peace process about the BBL, not to be greatly affected by that explosive event, instead of fighting for the real justice of our soldiers' death in the hands of the MILF. Whatever P-Noy's late reaction telling the people he wants justice for the soldiers could only be interpreted as part of the "damage control" the administration is helplessly trying to do to appease the people's wrath!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled, "NBI seizes Mamasapano massacre DVDs in Iligan." It came out on 02/13/15/


I have read the first news account of the death of his wife in another local daily where it was mostly described in minutest detail by the 2 reporters concerned. I would sometimes feel sad  about the senseless loss of life of a young mother, Jocelyn, 40, who has two young children:the girl -11, the boy - 8. If only her husband, Cesar Coliflores, was around that fateful day, I'm sure she will not die that night because the husband can ask the doctors to stop all the madness upon seeing that his wife was being subjected to the massive application of all kind of medicine, as if they were racing against time "to kill" her wife the fastest way possible! I don't know if the husband's earnest desire to seek justice for the death of his wife will succeed because it needs the necessary "logistics" and credible people to undertake that crusade to fight to obtain justice for his wife's death. But in the States, where I have been living now for the past 14 years as permanent immigrant and now becoming a US citizen, I have come across of many cases where  the family was awarded by the court huge financial windfall as damages for the wrongful death of a patient. I just hope the husband in this case will get the legal assistance from the NBI for I have noted that in the past, those who lost hope that they will get help to find justice from other government agencies have successfully managed to win their case with the help of the NBI  whose personnel,consisting of some dedicated lawyers, are seen doing their task seriously and they do not want any "monkey business."

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "NBI to investigate death of former OFW's wife." It came out on February 12, 2015.


Vagoneto Rieles:

The Senate inquiry into the Mamasapano incident must be stopped immediately. It only provides a very intimate view into the confusion, lack of coordination and the absence of their objectives, plans and strategies relating to the MILF and BIFF, as well as their problems in coordinating with, and getting support from the AFP. If it were only the Senate, the military, the PNP and the executive branch that were on display (and open to ridicule), it might be tolerable. The fact, however, is that it is the Philippines and the Filipinos, by reflection and inference, who are indicted and shamed in this inquiry, through worldwide cable TV. Can we please keep this private? Can we not have a closed-door investigation limited to the BRC, the DILG and the DOJ, and excluding the so-called International Coordinating Council, and the MILF? Where is our sense of propriety?

D_BystandeR: (to Vagoneto Rieles):

I cannot understand the direction of your argument and yet in the end you ask what looks like a question as if it was based on a sound premise when you asked, "Where is our sense of propriety?" when all you wanted to do is to make the Senate inquiry in utmost secrecy to avoid it becoming a laughing stock because you cannot accept the truth that the 44 lives of SAF troopers were just "sadly wasted" because of the mixed signals, by which, only a leadership properly based on solid ground could have proceeded only after all the necessary angles were thoroughly studied in a well-planned operation to avoid putting the lives of our soldiers in harm's way. But where is justice for our fallen 44 SAFs if your argument is to be followed? Doing the inquiry in secrecy, as what you suggested in order to hide all the "damning blunders" not be known and exposed to the world will most likely result in a "whitewash" and you must have some ulterior motives to fight for it? But what about the widows, the orphans, the families left behind them, where can they find justice if the case is "whitewashed?" You should try to reconcile yourself with the foreseeable outcome if you want people to praise you in presenting your line of argument. A half-baked one will only make you the subject of their frustration, disappointment, and disgust because instead of batting for the most important objective, which is to give justice to the death of 44 SAFs, you are, in effect, trying to muddle it. How pathetic you are to be thinking like that?!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar involving the Senate inquiry conducted to shed light into the recent raging controversy about the Mamasapano massacre of 44 SAF. It came out on Feb. 9, 2015.


Gone are the days when during the time of the legendary Pres. Ramon Magsaysay, while he was still the Secretary of National Defense during the time of Pres. Elpidio Quirino, Magsaysay was "in a matter of few hours," already seen in a place in Negros Occidental where the brutal slaying of Moises Padilla who was butchered to death by the henchmen of the ruling politicians that ruled the place at that time. And lifting the lifeless body of Padilla he was heard of saying that he felt it not the lifeless body of Padilla but the "body of democracy being crucified" in that historic moment. But what actually transpired in the massacre of 44 SAF troopers is totally different because Aquino cannot express himself honestly and truthfully in defense of the dead soldiers because "his hands are dripping with their blood" and because of a guiltly conscience that if only he only used his power as a true "Commander-in-Chief" ought to do, those 44 SAF members could still have been alive to this day to be with their loved ones, their wives, children and families. I don't know if P-Noy can still manage to finish his term because the people's overflowing anger and resentment are still there. No amount of "whitewash" can ever erase the fact that the lives of 44 SAF men are too much the country can bear to allow this folly to go on unpunished.  In some countries, like Japan, the supreme sacrifice of "harakiri" is resorted to by top government officials in a traditional manner to accept their role or fault over a tragic  happening as big as that!

It is a sad commentary that the present situation in the Philippines, especially with the recent tragedy involving the massacre of 44 SAF troopers in the hands of combines elements of MILF and BIFF, right after the SAFs were able to "neutralize" the Malaysian terrorist Marwan with a price tag of $5M on his head offered by the U.S. government on account of his being tagged as the mastermind of a terrorist attack in 2003 in Bali, Indonesia that claimed the lives of 202 people in a resort, is a picture of conflicting signals that exposed the "damning blunders" of the P-Noy administration who, news reports would point out, gave the go-signal to Police Director General Alan Purisima, who was currently suspended for 6 months by the Ombudsman for irregularity committed by his office regarding the anomalous transaction awarding a contract to a favored courier in connection with the renewal of firearms licences in Camp Crame, Manila, to go ahead with the "secret military operation" by breaking the chain of command, meaning, the military hierarchy under the present PNP in-charge General Leonardo Espina and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, were kept in the dark about its launching operation.

And the worst part, is that, within the 12-hour-period that the beleaguered SAFs were frantically calling for reinforcement as they were already surrounded by hundreds of MILF and BIFF forces, P-Noy did not lift a finger to positively react to their cries for help as a true "Commander-in-Chief" would have done to save the precious lives of his men from the brink of death because he opted to save the peace process going on for the approval of the BBL. The P-Noy administration is now at the far end of a situation where whatever they do to appease the overflowing anger and resentment of the people, they would need a miracle for it to happen.

Footnote: This came out in connection with a news item in Philstar about the fallen 44 SAF in Mamasapano massacre. It came out on Feb. 13, 2015.

Friday, February 13, 2015



 Si Simo namulong, “Inday, ikaw ra gayud ang gipitik ning akong kasingkasing.”

Masayran na ni Simo niining gabhiona ang tubag ni Inday sa iyang gugmang gihalad.

“Ikaw gyud Simo, wala ka pul-i sa imong pagpaninguha ngari kanako. Dili na nako maihap ang nahilis nga tikod sa imong sapatos sa pagsige og pamisita. Dili na pud maihap ang imong uban timaan sa imong pagka-edaran apan kusog gihapon mobaklay bisan may gilay-on ang imong gigikanan. Nadungog pud nako nga dili maihap ang imong gipa...” nasanta ang mga pulong ni Inday sa dihang gikuptan ni Simo ang lumoy’ng kamot sa dalaga. Gitapion ni Simo sa iyang dughan ang kamot ni Inday.

May gidugayon ang pag-abot sa ilang mga tinan-awan. Si Simo ug Inday nahigot sa hugot nilang panag-atubang nga daw walay kinutuban.

“Inday, ang imong nakita dili haom sa wala pa nimo mahibaloi bahin kanako. Sayran tika nga ikaw lamang gayud ang natingban sa tanan. Naglunang ako sa kahigwaos nga walay kabutangan,” wala na buhii pa ni Simo ang kamot sa dalaga nga padayon niyang gigunitan ug gitapion sa iyang dughan.

Buot niyang mabatyagan ni Inday ang pinitik sa iyang kasingkasing.

“Tugoti Inday nga ako na lang ang motiwas og litok sa imong naputol nga mga pulong ngari kanako. Mahimo ba?” pulong ni Simo. “Pero Simo, mas maayo man gud unta to nga ako ang mosulti kay gikan man kini sa akong nakita ug nadungog bahin nimo.”

“Ayaw kabalaka Inday. Sa pagkatinuod ako ang nakapamabdos sa biyuda natong silingan nga milangyaw na sa laing nasud. Ako pud ang bohemyo sa tubaan ni Inko Teban nga walay giliatan, basta magsul-ob og sayal ang mopalit og tuba dili ko gayud kini pasayloon sa akong pangamoral. Nagbag-o nako karon human sa akong pagkaila nimo,” mapasigarbohong mga pulong ni Simo.

“He, he, siyaro og dili madutlan. Walay babaye nga makabalibad nako sa akong kabeterano,” hilom nga pulong ni Simo sa kaugalingon.

“Apan Simo dili man kadto ang buot kong isulti bahin nimo kay wala man gyud ni nako masayri. Unsa gud diay ka. Abi ko man gud og dili ka makabuak og baso?” dala kahimangod nga pamulong ni Inday ngadto ni Simo.

“Ah, mao ba? Unsa man diay unta ang imong igsusulti bahin nako? ni Simo nga nasorpresa sa dili tukmang pagladlad sa iyang pahibalo ngadto sa dalagang hinalaran.

“Ang ako untang isulti nga imong gisanta mao ang akong nahibaloan nga, dili maihap ang imong gipa ... nuginlan sa imong kaibog nako.” “Ikaw rang usa Simo ang tawo sa tanang nangulitawo nako nga wala nako mahibaloi nga dukirok ug babaye. Kun mao kana, susama diay mong tanan. Morag mga iring sungkaban. Hala karon dayon buhii na ang akong kamot nga imong gigunitan,”ni Inday nga wala na motan-aw pa ni Simo.

“Pasayloa ko Inday.” Naglibog si Simo sa sunod niyang buhaton.

Sa kalit lang nadungog nila ang tingog, “Meow, meow, meow”, tingog sa iring nga mipatong sa lamesa sa kan-anan.

“Hoy, Inday, bugawa nang iring sungkaban. Delikado kaayo basin makatukob!!!” pulong pa ni Inse Karya nga migawas sa lawak katulganan. “Meow, meow, meow.”

“Sige Simo kay ako pang bugawon ang iring sungkaban,” dayong biya ni Inday.

Si Simo nangutkot sa iyang ulo. “Meow, meow, meow.” (Kataposan)


PANGLUOD buhat nga nagumikan sa balikog nga sangputanan, dili tukma sa iyang gipaabot ang nasum-okan, kinaiya kining dili ka...