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I cannot understand the people's comments here below. Instead of taking the side of VP Binay, who was told to "get off the stage" upon the order of "you know who?" everybody took the  opposite side by ganging up on him and ridiculing Binay to the hilt. Even when Binay offered a "neutral ground" when he was asked to comment on people's demand for P-Noy "to step down,"  and Binay said in a reconciling mood that he likes P-Noy to finish his term for he (Binay) is not interested with any "short-cut" to the presidency even if it is allowed by law as it is what the constitution expressly says as a normal way on the "law on succession." But still the P-Noy loyalists would not listen to reason, they still feel it so good lambasting Binay with gusto. What a bunch of pathetic idiots!

ksalanO - (to D_BystandeR):

You are pathetic. The PSG was right in telling Binay to get off the stage because he does not belong there. That is not a place for a person who steals money from government coffers, or worse, a plunderer. His place is prison. He should have been kicked off the stage so he'll know where he belongs.

D_BystanderR - (to ksalanO):

The PSG did not do it at its own volition because it was only acting upon the order of P-Noy. In an extremely case of an "ill-mannered conduct" now being resorted towards the second highest official of the land, VP Binay, who was there officially to join in the commemoration of the 29th anniversary celebration of EDSA revolution aimed to refresh the rise to power of Cory through "People Power," and to which VP Binay had so much at stake when he poured all his strength in his unflinching effort to vigorously help in the campaign for the restoration of freedom in our country which we lost to dictatorship to Marcos for 20 long years, there he was unceremoniously told to "get off the stage," ironically, by the very son of Cory whom VP Binay had earnestly helped during the early stage of her presidency and to which President Cory thankfully reciprocated by appointing him the OIC of Makati, as one of her first priority pronouncement right after she captured the seat of power in Malacanang in 1986.

Footnote: This is an excerpt from the "comment portion" of a news item in PDI, entitled, "Why Binay got off the stage during Edsa rites. It came out on February 28, 2015.

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