Monday, February 2, 2015


This is, so far, the most credible news I have read regarding the 44 SAF soldiers killed in Maguindanao.

From the start, I was surprised why P-Noy was pictured in the news as somewhat like, his hands are tied up and he cannot clearly answer questions from the media. Now it turns out, if the MST (Manila Standard Today) reports are to be used as the basis, that it is P-Noy who is equally to blame for the carnage of 44 SAF soldiers in Maguindanao because he allowed Alan Purisima, the PNP General suspended by the Ombudsman for 6 months, to operate incognito, meaning, outside the normal chain of command, and that, Purisima is reporting directly to P-Noy or to Malacanang Secretary Paquito Ochoa. General Leonardo Espina, the interim PNP Head and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas were kept in the dark of the whole operation where Purisima was given all the needed support, military personnel, guns, ammunition, and everything "under the sun" with the mission to capture two "high prized" terrorists, 1 - with a $5M reward and the other - a $1M reward. They were all enticed into the big reward money that they kept the operation "a top secret" for themselves - for P-Noy and Purisima. Now that the secret operation turned afoul, P-Noy cautioned the people "to be calm." What in the hell does he mean by that? P-Noy has to be answerable for the lives of 44 SAF soldiers!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news report written by Federico D. Pascual of Philstar, entitled, "SAF operation run by P-Noy himself?" A summary of the whole operation was like this: 392 - total number of men involved; 12 - wounded (seriously); 44 - dead. It came out on 01/28/15.

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