Monday, February 9, 2015


Between Senate President Franklin Drilon and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, in connection with how they react to the "rumored" invitation by Joma Sison to P-Noy, I prefer to give more importance to Drilon's reaction compared to Trillanes. In the first place, Trillanes is a neophyte senator compared to Drilon, whose public service as a national legislator dates back as far during President Cory's time where he served as Secretary of Justice. Trillanes only gained publicity due to the BRSC (Blue Ribbon Sub-Committee) inquiry where he was known and viewed to have cast a "heavy handed" stance against the cause of VP Binay. I don't give him credit to how he handled the accusation against Binay, and now his opinion is given importance in this news report to downplay or belittle the "on-coming" meeting between Joma and P-Noy. His opinion is nothing and has no bearing at all. Drilon's favorable comment about the meeting to signal a breakthrough to establish a "peace deal" between the government and the NPA is a good idea and worth exploring because anything that leads to peace is encouraging and welcome by peace-loving people. After all, seeing the two protagonists smoking the "peace pipe" is something that we can expect to bring the best solution to put an end to the senseless blood-letting of this consuming conflict.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item that appeared in PDI, entitled, "Aquino-Joma Sison meeting a bad idea, says Trillanes." It came out on December 28, 2014.

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