Thursday, February 26, 2015


I cannot understand how the mind of this Regional State Prosecutor Fernando Gubalane works that he appeared so pliant-minded that whenever there is a  request for him to change the normally accepted standard procedure, he quickly gave in to the demand. The first case involved the five provincial prosecutors  originally assigned to handle the case of the slain lawyer Noel Archival together  with two of his close-in aides and the seriously wounding of another. When the HPG (Highway Patrol Group) suspects, through their lawyer, asked that the five prosecutors be inhibited to handle it, Gubalane, without much ado, immediately gave in and  appointed a prosecutor from Lapu-Lapu City to take over. The second case refers to Bobby Nalzaro's demand that the two prosecutors assigned to handle it would inhibit themselves from handling it, citing "flimsy" reasons. The two prosecutors, Truya and Casino refused to heed Nalzaro's demand and stood firm in their decision to stick to the handling of the case, unless told to refrain from handling it by their supervisor. But this time, Nalzaro changed his strategy and, instead, asked the Regional State Prosecutor Gubalane, perhaps banking on the precedent that this man can be swayed easily to change anything under his supervision, like what  happened to the HPG request. And true enough, Gubalane quickly acceded to  Nalzaro's demand. I wonder what kind of a supervisor is Gubalane made of that he cannot say "NO" to anybody requesting him to change the prosecutors handling a certain case just because the person making the request simply did not like the face of the prosecutors? And what complicates to the "mystery" behind his action is that the letter containing his reasons for arriving at such kind of decision is  considered "off-limits" to the media as no copy could be seen when interested  parties tried to ask for a copy to find out how convincing is his "reason."

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "2 prosecutors pulled out from Nalzaro libel case." It came out on February 25, 2015.

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