Friday, October 31, 2014


Nakadayeg ko sa gibuhat ni Mayor Jonas Cortes sa Mandaue City. If you meet some people who knew nothing about how to respect people, the best thing to do is to ignore them. In the picture, I've seen how Mayor Mike Rama tries to make Mayor Jonas smile by smiling at him while shaking his hand but the latter seems  not to have noticed the smile and dryly extend his hand to Mayor Mike. If there is a picture that they say "could paint a thousand words," then this is it!

footnote: This comment came out in connection with a Cebu Daily News headline, ""Rama broke 'agreement' to keep mouth shut," which appeared on 10/25/14.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: PANAHOM

I could see how biased you are in allowing yourself to jump into faulty conclusion that VP Binay is guilty of the accusations against him based on what you say your own "personal opinion." You consider the statement of Trillanes as "gospel truth" without digging deeper into what kind of a man Trillanes is? As lots of information against Trillanes now slowly came out filtering in, you should be careful not to swallow everything he says against Binay. He is reported to have 8 expensive luxury cars registered in his name but he did not  disclose them in his SALN. He used the P200M PDAF funds to buy multicabs which he distributed to different places in the country but he was found to have overpriced them by claiming the unit price of same is P300T. You can see him like "moving heaven and earth" to throw mud at Binay because he does not want Binay to succeed in his dreams because with Binay out of the picture he can easily go on with his corrupt practices because nobody in his group will attempt to bother or stop him. In other words, "tuloy ang ligaya" ni Trillanes kung wala si Binay after P-Noy's term ends in 2016. From the looks of it, you will easily notice the big difference in how they treated Mr. Tiu compared to Ernesto Mercado who was even allowed to make a press conference with his mouth bubbling in making unsubstantiated charges against Binay. But when Mr. Tiu's time came, he was given the opposite kind of hostile treatment because senate panelists usually "maltreat" anybody who does not "toe the line" of what they want to hear from him.

Footnote: This comment came out in reply to someone carrying the name of Felix Reyes in his posting found in the "comment portion" of Philstar which appeared on 10/25/14.


Nobody can be expected to announce the sidelights of this "Mother of all debates" in a manner that only Atty. JBJ can explicitly do with the use of his "mighty pen." All the ingredients needed to completely describe this great event are at his disposal and he can make a breath-taking description of some hidden "spices" only a great writer like him can do. As predicted by Atty. JBJ, somebody in this fight has to "bite the dusts!" While in the senate investigation, Trillanes has all the reason to be showy and aloft and to behave recklessly because his group composed the panelists and they all have the power at their disposal to "terrorize" anybody who comes to them as witness,  especially if what he says does not conform to the script they follow. But inside the ring as a debater, Trillanes has to observe the limits to his behavior which was known to be recklessly impulsive because his movement and demeanor are governed by the "rules of the game" in a debate.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF column  written by Atty. JBJ (Josephus B. Jimenez), entitled, "The great  debate: Binay versus Trillanes," which appeared on 10/28/14.


"What's happening to our country, General?" This was the unforgettable question blurted out by Vice President Maning Pelaez, that popular and flamboyant politician from Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro City), as he laid there bloodied inside his car as a police team headed by the famed  General Tomas Karingal responded to the shooting incident. Maning Pelaez was ambushed on his way home driven by his trusted and  longtime driver who died in that incident. I was tempted to mention that quotation made popular years ago by Pelaez because the series of unsavory stories involving policemen in our country today are making headlines in the news. Just recently, the 8 cops involved in a broad daylight robbery of an SUV in EDSA, Manila, where the occupants were divested of several millions of pesos intended to buy heavy equipment for Iligan, Lanao del Norte is still vividly fresh in our minds. And now  we have another one in Cebu City where a drunken policeman barged into a house and pointed his gun to one of the occupants. Another one was reported hitting a taxi driver 3 times in his face with fist blows while the latter was helping an elderly lady in a cane getting off his taxicab. But city residents need not to worry because "we are in good hands!" Our PRO-7 Director Tom Banas is taking note of these incidents and he promised to do something drastic against these erring cops so they will not be bothering peaceful citizens in the city again.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF news item headlined, "PRO-7 orders probe vs Fuente chief, another cop." The drunken policeman was brought to the Fuente Police Station under Chief Inspector Wildemar Tiu by a responding Mobile Group but what came out to the knowledge of General Tom Banas was that the gun used by the cop involved was not listed in the blotter, that was why he conducted investigation on the Fuente Station Commander Tiu.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: KINSA SI PETE ROSITO???

I have a hazy recollection about this guy but I think I knew him during the time when we were still involved in a "labor strike" in NAPOCOR  Thermal Plant in Colon, Naga, Cebu in the early 1990's, which went  on for several months until it was finally resolved and we, among the strikers, were re-assigned to far away places far from home. I used to meet him in a downtown office of our lawyer, Atty. Pete Rosito. He is a good man. But since I migrated to the States in mid-2000, I lost touch with some of my friends there in Cebu and I just learned from this news the story that Tony Cuizon survived an ambush in 2005 in Uling, Naga. Perhaps, for security reason or for his own survival, firearms were said  to be found by authorities in his house, without his presence, as per  news report. His kind of work involves what we call "battle of the nerves" where only red-bloodied people can be expected to handle or survive. It is sad to learn of his present predicament in this news story.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF news item headlined, "Cebu Labor leader nabbed in Cavite."



gabayan kon pakigsandurot sa uban motaliwan,
mga pildero, biniyaan, hasta mga pinasagdan
 mag-inusara, maghinuktok, atong pagahikit-an,

suki sa dili matukib nga kapalaran,
sama nga dili managsama ang panahon,
ang pipila  maitaas ug may motidlom,

pag-inusara, kini usab paagi sa paghulat,
maghulat ug suwerte nga walay gibuhat,
hangtod siya, magkagidlay ug magkayamukat..


Several weeks or more than a month ago, I have already read in the papers about a government impending plan to transfer Yolanda survivors living in bunkhouses as the route will be taken by Pope Francis in connection with his visit to the country in January next year. What was not known before is that some of them (survivors) will be transferred 5 kilometers away which is expected to result in serious dislocation to some affected folks as they will not only be away from their place of work but also their children who will be located away from their schools. I remember this being done before by Imelda when the shanties located along the route where VIPs invited to attend a big event  were to pass were covered with plywood with mural paintings to hide the "unpleasant look" of poverty. And this is going to be repeated when Pope Francis pays a visit to our country. Why does our government officials always want to hide the truth that there are lots of poor in our country? Recently, Senator Franklin Drilon took to task a Tourism Secretary  why so many sidewalk vendors are seen in Roxas Boulevard when they are not supposed to be exposed to foreigners? I can't understand our government officials. They seem to justify a statement from somebody in the government before who said, "Our country is rich but it only pretends to be poor?!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF news item headlined, "Archdiocese denies papal visit behind Yolanda survivors' transfer," which appeared on 10/28/14.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


DSWD head Ester Concha should not make it hard for the family members of the centenarian, Juanita Canete Arcaya, 101, who died in a fire last September 25 in Barangay Kasambagan, Cebu City. Instead she should adopt that "public-friendly" attitude to help the claimants. When all the papers were submitted to her office, it was returned because she wants them to submit a "write-up" or sort of autobiography of the centenarian. That would probably give another problem for the claimant's relatives especially if they have nobody in their family having the talent to comply with such  requirement. In order not to give so much "stress" on the part of the claimant's relatives, what Concha could have done was to  assign somebody from her staff to conduct interview to the "old lady" (at the time when she was still alive) to come up with the  requirement. Mayor Mike Rama and VM Labella should help "iron out" this problem especially that this family is now badly in need of the money that their grandma, Juanita Arcaya,  rightfully deserves to receive.


From the standpoint of defending what was originally intended as the accepted usage of how roads are to be used, there is no quarrel about that. But we have to be realistic about it! What was not expected 20  years ago are now seen by our naked eyes and it's for real! The advent of cellphones now, to cite as an example, was beyond our dreams and imagination many years ago. Let us admit, we live in a world that is constantly subjected to change. Where roads before were designed only for vehicles, there are now demands that crop up as we advanced to modern technology. And one of that valid demand is to share a little portion of the road for other usage which many years ago would seem unthinkable. If the city deferred in its final deliberation the proposed road lanes for bikes and pedestrians, it does not mean that same should be adopted permanently as future discussions could possibly find ways and means to make the proposal applicable and doable. In the States, not all roads have been provided separate lanes for pedestrians and bikes but you can notice that they are actively considering it as it is not unusual to see bike lanes being set up in some areas. And if we do not stick to antiquated ideas of yesteryears, the deferred proposed city ordinance could not be far behind in the future.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF Editorial - "A creeping anarchy is eating up the city?" which appeared on 10/23/14.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: HUSTISYA

There were several circumstances that served as intervening event that probably served to weaken the case against the actual and real culprits of the crime. Had the police been extra careful not to drag the first two suspects into the case which they earlier arrested and charged with the commission of the crime against Ellah Joy Pique, the case against Bella Ruby would have no doubt gain traction to be held as strong and convincing enough to convict her and her foreigner boyfriend who was able to elude arrest and finally took refuge in his home country in Great Britain where  he continued to finance the defense of his "co-partner in crime" with the  kind of financial support it badly needed. But this case, even though  dismissed, will still be able to find justice no doubt with the help of the Divine intervention. It might take longer like what happened to O. J.  Simpson in the States who was not convicted in the murder of his wife due to insufficiency of evidence but we know he finally paid his crime  but in some other law infraction. Lately, O. J. Simpson figured in the  news to have only 4 weeks to live as determined by his doctor. The same thing can happen to the real culprits of this case but only it will take time and only God knows when it is coming!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF news item headlined, "Ellah Joy Pique kidnap-slay, case dismissed," which appeared on 10/10/14. The one most interesting point in this case was when it was earlier determined there was a hair-splitting difference in the first 3 letters of the license plate number where earlier witness testimony pointed to letter "M" but it was found out to be letter "H." Everything in the plate number remains exactly the same except the first letter M which turned out to be H. And the  SUV vehicle which matched in its built and color to the one used by the two suspects was immediately sold to a Manila buyer when it was stricken out  from the controversy due to "slight" difference of the first letter when viewed from a distance. And it was reported that said vehicle will be dismantled by the buyer and sold as scrap, thereby, forfeiting forever any possibility that  it could still be utilized in future re-investigation linking it to the crime.

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: PASALAMAT

I extend my sincere thanks to all those who give me their kind thoughts on the occasion of my 70th birthday celebration last October 9, 2014. There is nothing greater and more meaningful to a man's life when he reaches a milestone of a lifetime at 70. But above all, I take this rare opportunity to acknowledge God's infinite wisdom and incomparable goodness in giving me the strength and the rare chance to reach this point in life, especially to know that many of those whom I consider my true friends take the extra efforts to attend my birthday celebration at home even though, I know, they live several miles away. Looking back,  I can trace back myself as consistent worker where 34 years of my work experience was in Cebu, Philippines and the next ten years of it was here in the States as a worker in USPS for 10 years until I retired to claim my monthly pension at the age of 65. Having achieved my  crowning glory at my retirement age, I can only breathe with pride that my efforts during this lifetime are abundantly rewarded with six of my children able to become professionals in their respective lives having finished and graduated their chosen careers: The eldest is a lawyer - James, the second - Jennifer, fifth - John Philip, and sixth, the youngest - Joanne, are all full-pledged government certified nurses, the third - Jocelyn, a public school teacher, the fourth - Jonathan, an engineer now working as a safety consultant in an oil rig in the Middle East.

And the most gratifying achievement is to have completely accomplished the construction of a modest mausoleum in a private cemetery in our place in Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines, where we expect to take our final resting place when our inevitable time comes to a close in accordance with God's wishes. And to think that by that time there is little to worry about because what our children and our grandkids need to do is how to shed a tear because everything is laid down for them to follow without too much fuss!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014



binuhat sa maamomahong busikad sa kalikopan,
mogitib, mosalingsing  hangtod sa kinasuokan,
baha ug daghan pa kaayong  hadla sa katalagman,

ting-init ug ting-uwan,  ang tanan  iyang panalipdan,
huyuhoy niyang gihuptan atong gipahimudsan,  
kahoy,  atong alimahan,  kini gasa sa  kaliwatan...

Sunday, October 19, 2014


At last, Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes has issued a blunt reply to Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama's constant snide remarks urging Mandaue City to demolish footbridges that cross Mahiga Creek. Maayo pa si Mayor Cortes kay kamao pa motan-aw unsay angayang buhaton sa maong sitwasyon pinasubay sa paggamit sa gihuptang gahum isip mayuor sa usa ka syudad dili sama ni Mayor Mike nga morag nahubog sa iyang gahum ug nagtuo nga siya usa na ka diktador nga di na lang maminaw sa mga katarungan nga gipasupot sa ubang mga pundok nga nisukwahi niya. There is a wide gap and easily identified difference between the two city executives: Mayor Cortes is pro-people and he respects the rights of his constituents no matter how poor they are while Mayor Mike is very careless in his outburst and could only be seen as reflective of his upbringing that defines what kind of man that he really is; he doesn't give a damn to the rights of the poor people, for him the poor are just "plain garbage!"

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF news item headlined, "'Rama should stop blaming Mandaue,'" which appeared on 10/13/14.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Of all the people I know, what I find hard to understand is Mayor Mike Rama. When news about the lifestyle check on police "higher ups" hit the headlines, I find him saying something which, reading it "between the lines," would mean his "hard to define" disapproval. He suggests that lifestyle check should be done to everybody in the government, and this will  take the objective hard to achieve the desired objective because instead of narrowing down the "search" to a few individuals, if we are to follow Rama's proposal to subject  everybody to a lifestyle check even if doing so is not anymore in line with the objective, is ridiculous! Going back to the proliferation of illegal drugs which persistently dragged quite a number of our city barangay workers as connected to the "drug," when it first became apparent that drug addicts working in the City Hall will be subjected to COSAP's inspection from time to time, he made it a point, as if to make it be known that he is treating it with "kid gloves" that those caught will not be dismissed but only to be sent for rehabilitation. So, people has already considered it part of of their daily experience to know that in every COSAP  inspection there is always somebody to be caught because there is no "milled fist" policy adopted by the City Hall to totally eradicate the "drug" menace.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in The FREEMAN headlined, "Rama, local PNP execs OK with lifestyle check," which appeared on 09/19/14.


Di ta mahibulong kon ngano nga di mahadlok si Loy Madrigal sa mga death threats nga iyang nadawat. Basin ug pareha ni siya sa usa ka iring nga "9 lives." Kaniadto dunay usa ka opisyal sa Bantay Dagat nga gibantog ug gikalisangan tungod sa iyang way kukalooy nga pagpanakop sa mga tawo diin ang pagpangisda mao ray gisaligan sa atong mga pobre nga mga kaigsuonan aron mabuhi ang ilang pamilya sa way kinahanglan nga motapon pa sila sa grupo sa mga tulisan nga ang trabaho nila labaw pang salawayon ug gipanghimaraot sa katawhan. Ug wa magdugay miabut ang gikahadlokan sa katawhan nga katapusan niadtong tawhana. Dunay pipila nga gihanugunan sa gipakitang "kaisog" niadtong tawhana apan ginaingon na nga kon gusto gani kang "mag-hero" kinahanglan nga andam sab kang modawat sama sa nahitabo ni Jose Rizal nga ang letrato gipapilit na lang sa mga sudlanan sa "posporo."

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF headline, "Madrigal not quitting work."

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Without the courageous expose of Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon, nobody will have ever known how the things discussed in the deliberation of 2015 budget have stubbornly included in the form of lump sum appropriations while saying, on the other hand, that Malacanang has already avoided the inclusion of pork barrel that became the unifying force in building up the people's resolve to do away with PDAF which became the source of huge money-making scheme to different lawmakers with the connivance of Janet Lim-Napoles who operated lots of bogus NGOs to scrape-dry the billions of taxpayer's money that could have helped improved the lot of our poor countrymen. What Ridon is saying is that, despite the Malacanang assurance that no more pork barrel is included in the budget, Malacang's wanton insistence to cling to that pork barrel is evident with its strategy to make it appear in a different form - in lump sum appropriations! And this will only serve to strengthen and reinforce the people's decision to go on with the impeachment against P-Noy. While P-Noy is assured by his political allies overwhelming number to thwart the impeachment filed against him but Ridon cleverly responded that the impressive number of ordinary men marching on the streets will ultimately defeat the callous government of P-Noy. But it doesn't mean the people will resort to a "bloody revolution" because it is self-defeating. But it expects the feeling of "guilt and shame" will finally overcome their awareness to surrender to people's demand for honesty and sincerity of purpose to serve the  people who thirst for government help in our country.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with Philstar headline, "No more pork, but lump sums intact."


With due respect to our very own Emeritus Cardinal Vidal who is listed as one of the leaders of NTC, i consider this NTC's call for P-Noy to quit as highly immoral and a move that is lackadaisically motivated. Granting for the sake of argument that it is given approval, who will take over the reign of the government, and what a great disarray of government service will take place that will no doubt trigger chaos of unimaginable proportion. Even if there are some perceived failures by the present leadership but to call for P-Noy's removal from his post is highly an irregular move. Why can't we wait for the next election in 2016 where people will be asked to choose P-Noy's successor in an orderly manner that is in accordance with the democratic tenets that we follow and practice since time immemorial? Whoever had become the original source of this highly chaotic move should be unmasked and ostracized. Cardinal Vidal, the man of God whom I know for quite a number of years during the time when I still worked as an office clerk in Cebu  before I migrated to the States for over a decade now, is supposed to stay away from this controversy and enjoy the serenity of his retirement as a reward for rendering a remarkable service
to the Cebuanos.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a TF headline, " Group wants P-Noy to quit," which appeared on 10/01/14.


The much needed "repair work" conducted by Capitol officials led by Gov. Junjun Davide is on the "high gear" in their desire to show to the Cebuanos that they are seriously affected by  that vehicular accident involving its erstwhile Capitol Chief Security Officer Loy Madrigal, where its Strada pickup truck hit a couple riding on a motorcycle travelling at night on their way home from a day's work in a golf course located in a northern Cebu town, killing the driver-husband and seriously injuring his wife who is now undergoing surgery operation on her leg in VSMMC hospital in Cebu City. The good governor is doing all the things he can possibly do to help the surviving wife considering that she still has some children to attend to under her care. Her 19-year-old eldest daughter who is an IT graduate is eyed for possible employment in the Capitol. With the kind of close personal attention given by Gov. Jun to this case, it is expected that the ensuing problem created by his Chief Security Officer has been greatly assisted.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News headlined, "Madrigal, secretary resign before probe."


Seasoned Vatican critic, Sandro Magister - is calling Pope Francis decision as a revolution and a "metaphorical guillotine." Conservative Cardinal Raymon Burke is head of the Vatican Supreme Court before the demotion. He denied communion to US politicians who are pro-abortion, including Sean Patrick O'Malley of Boston and Donald Wiceri of Washington. He was also vocal of his objection against ideas  of Cardinal Walter Kasper, which include giving communion to the divorced and remarried. Magister said that Kasper is "well known to be in good graces of Pope Francis." But what could have triggered the Pope's demotion of Burke is how in several instances, the latter had contradicted some of Pope's pronouncement. Pope Francis at one point implied that abortion is not a significant issue anymore and that Church's teaching on divorce, gay marriage Catholics may change and may be more open. Burke refuted this and upheld that changing the Church's teaching is impossible.

I consider it within the prerogatives of the vast powers of Pope Francis to demote a "hard-headed" conservative cardinal Raymon Burke, who could have unknowingly "abused" his  power as head of the Vatican Supreme Court, believing he is more powerful than the Pope. It is strictly within the power of the Pope to demote somebody whom he believes as an obstacle to the wide ranging development of positive change Pope Francis wants to be the deciding factor in bringing Catholicism closer to the people of what he expected it to be, in line with the teachings of Christ and to do away with what he believes as antiquated and irrelevant dogma.


The idea behind the arrest of a dispatcher (passenger jeepney "barker") in A. C. Cortes Avenue of Barangay Cambaro, Mandaue City is a campaign aimed at solving a problem which originally can be traced back to government's failure to solve the acute unemployment problem in our country. If we try to examine closely the effect of that action effected by a police team could be seen as being too strict on a case where they could have focused their energy on far more important crimes happening in our country where people are being victimized by killers known as "Riders-In-Tandem," and robberies staged against some collectors of some lending business agencies, and some other more threatening crimes that pose as more pressing problem to the lives of ordinary citizens. The case of a jobless person trying to make a living in a creative manner by acting as passenger vehicle "barker" is less threatening but, on the contrary, has contributed to the convenience of people to find easy access to a passenger vehicle going home. What can you say about the P70 found in the possession of the dispatcher (it does not even qualify to be considered as "fast money"), it is not even enough for you to spend in a restaurant considering that a price of coffee now in the malls is P130?

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Banat News headlined, "Dispatcher gidakop," which appeared on 09/21/14.


I find this article very convincing, persuasive, and harshly truthful as far as the participation of Bush-Cheney is concerned who were largely held responsible for the emergence of the dreaded ISIL, whose rise to power was brought about by too much killing in Iraq caused by the Bush-Cheney administration in their misdirected foreign policy where WMD (Weapons of mass destruction) was made as the compelling reason to launch the Iraq war which cost hundreds of billions of dollars to America and costing thousands of precious lives of their troops, not to mention hundreds of thousands of the Iraquis' lives drawn into the most violent conflict in the Middle East that run for several years before President Barack Obama decided to send the troops back home. And now Bush and Cheney are likened to arsonists who tried to lecture the firemen seriously concerned to put out the blaze that the two - Bush and Cheney - started. They tried to blame the Obama administration for not leaving a sizable number of American troops in Iraq to forestall the emergence of the now-dreaded Islamic militants before the decision to totally withdraw American troops. If the "Troop Surge" consisting of more than a hundred thousand troops in Iraq during Bush term was not  able to completely quell the conflict there, there is no reason  why their claim for Obama's failure to leave a portion of American troops there would make a difference. It was pointed  out the complete government shakedown on US direction after Sadam's downfall not to allow anybody identified with Sadam's reign who occupied sensitive spots were not allowed to join the Maliki administration is largely causing distrust among the Sunni tribes which comprised the ruling majority party before the Maliki administration came into power through the direction of Bush in Iraq.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a Yahoo  News headline, "Bush-Cheney created conditions that led  directly to ISIL."



This is the first time where a whole Caboodle of Corruption was committed by a whole family... together... all five of them. Marcos and Imelda were just a Duo. Gloria, Mike and Mikey were a trio. But Binay and family are a Basketball Team (Dark Gilas).

D_BystandeR: (to Guest)

This kind of family bashing against VP Binay and his family could have made so much damage if all people are gullible, ignorant and naive. But educated people who usually analyze what they read and know how to separate the "chaff from the grain" are only laughing at how cheap you are distorting facts to fit your evil desire to put a good man down. If you have nothing to do except to sow disinformation, you will just simply fail and feel terribly outcast and be greatly dismayed because nobody will buy your flaunted lies and cheap tricks.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with PDI news item headline, "Regime of lies." This is all about a news story bringing to life all the repugnant memories about how Dictator Marcos and his wife, Imelda, trampled upon our basic individual freedoms and threw a facade of deceit assisted by his trumpeters that our country was doing well during his dictatorship in establishing law and order and keeping our economy in high marks. But some of those who post naughty and libelous comments cannot wait their turn when to go full blast against Binay when the subject of discussion here is about how our country was subjected to unconscionable plunder by the Marcoses during martial law.


VP Jejomar Binay made a Solomonic decision to forego his promised appearance to answer a case handled by a Senate Blue Ribbon Committee in favor of more important duty which is to go to places in Cagayan and Isabela damaged by typhoon "Luis" to assess the damage there and to show moral support to people who have become typhoon victims. He could assign another date for that senate investigation which has become more "notoriously" known as a model of a "Kangaroo court" because the senators handling it are acting as accusers, prosecutors, and judge, all rolled into one, with no other motive but to malign and destroy the reputation of VP Binay and hisfamily for purely political reasons to bring down his popularity rating in his bid to become the next tenant of Malacanang come 2016.


Scenic Cynic:

Pareng Gerald ikaw ba yan? Bakit parang wala ka sa picture above?


I am flattered by your question because I happened to read some comments written by your "Pareng Gerald" and he writes smoothly. Ako ay taga Cebu pero kasalukuyang naninirahan sa States. Once in a while, I post comments on issues that touch my conscience especially when I noticed that somebody is unduly affected and "hurt" by the "tirades and mudslinging" directed to VP Binay.

Footnote: This excerpt is taken from a "comment portion" related to a news item that appeared in PDI about VP Binay. The one referred to by "Scenic Cynic" as his "Pareng Gerald" is considered as a regular fixture in comment portions where his views and commentaries are made in spectacular flowing expression of a man displaying his identity as "Gerald Abueva" with a picture of a bespectacled and "honorable looking" man sporting a business suit.


PANGLUOD buhat nga nagumikan sa balikog nga sangputanan, dili tukma sa iyang gipaabot ang nasum-okan, kinaiya kining dili ka...