Saturday, February 21, 2015


It's a sad thing to realize that the poor in its quest to fight economic regression caused by  some factors, among others, the government's failure to offer jobs to thousands of the unemployed, are now being subjected to strict CITOM ruling (as proposed), now clamping on their "ingenuity" to reach their destination Cebu City - through the fastest, easiest way  thru SRP by means of riding a motorcycle (the only means of transportation their pockets can afford to buy to help them report to their work place) and some other means by using privately owned vehicles to transport them to their work in Cebu City from Talisay. The Cebu City CITOM disclosed that they have already apprehended 19 "colorums" used by people who worked in Cebu City. And this is another thing that posed a great problem to  commuters who just want to work in Cebu City with their means to go there being subjected to the "rules" as if they are going through the "eye of a needle." But Mayor JVR expressed his agreement to the proposal to ban the motorcycles from using the SRP only for one  month. Maybe Mayor JVR finds one month acceptable to him because he is not like some of his constituents in Talisay that we call, "kakha-tuka!" Ug wa kay trabaho sa usa ka adlaw maglabad na imong tingkoy asa ka'g ipakaon sa imong pamilya tungod sa ilang kalisud nga nagsalig lang sa inadlaw-adlaw nga panarbaho.

FOOTNOTE; This comment came out in connection with a news item in Cebu Daily News, entitled, "JVR open to one month motorcycle ban in SRP." It came out on Feb. 19, 2015.

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HINGWARTA tuburan sa inabtik nga linihokan, walay lisod kay kuwarta gisaligan, waldas ngadto ug ngari, bahalag ang gikuwarta...