Saturday, February 14, 2015


Vagoneto Rieles:

The Senate inquiry into the Mamasapano incident must be stopped immediately. It only provides a very intimate view into the confusion, lack of coordination and the absence of their objectives, plans and strategies relating to the MILF and BIFF, as well as their problems in coordinating with, and getting support from the AFP. If it were only the Senate, the military, the PNP and the executive branch that were on display (and open to ridicule), it might be tolerable. The fact, however, is that it is the Philippines and the Filipinos, by reflection and inference, who are indicted and shamed in this inquiry, through worldwide cable TV. Can we please keep this private? Can we not have a closed-door investigation limited to the BRC, the DILG and the DOJ, and excluding the so-called International Coordinating Council, and the MILF? Where is our sense of propriety?

D_BystandeR: (to Vagoneto Rieles):

I cannot understand the direction of your argument and yet in the end you ask what looks like a question as if it was based on a sound premise when you asked, "Where is our sense of propriety?" when all you wanted to do is to make the Senate inquiry in utmost secrecy to avoid it becoming a laughing stock because you cannot accept the truth that the 44 lives of SAF troopers were just "sadly wasted" because of the mixed signals, by which, only a leadership properly based on solid ground could have proceeded only after all the necessary angles were thoroughly studied in a well-planned operation to avoid putting the lives of our soldiers in harm's way. But where is justice for our fallen 44 SAFs if your argument is to be followed? Doing the inquiry in secrecy, as what you suggested in order to hide all the "damning blunders" not be known and exposed to the world will most likely result in a "whitewash" and you must have some ulterior motives to fight for it? But what about the widows, the orphans, the families left behind them, where can they find justice if the case is "whitewashed?" You should try to reconcile yourself with the foreseeable outcome if you want people to praise you in presenting your line of argument. A half-baked one will only make you the subject of their frustration, disappointment, and disgust because instead of batting for the most important objective, which is to give justice to the death of 44 SAFs, you are, in effect, trying to muddle it. How pathetic you are to be thinking like that?!

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar involving the Senate inquiry conducted to shed light into the recent raging controversy about the Mamasapano massacre of 44 SAF. It came out on Feb. 9, 2015.

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