Tuesday, November 29, 2016


When it first came to the news reports that parents of an OFW from Toledo whose daughter died in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia asked help from the Capitol and was referred  to the Provincial Welfare and Development Office, I wrote a comment related to that in the news that I hoped Gov. Davide would extend help to the said request. And by time, there was no mention yet about Winston Garcia because he is nobody in the government of P-Noy to be expected to help it. And I was banking on the close connection of Gov. Davide to P-Noy, being a staunch political leader in Cebu and a known personal and political ally of the President. But seeing the news as it now gained headlines, I am sad, frustrated and surprised at the negative development that said request did not merit the urgent action of our governor. I am just trying to express my frustration that in a case like this where the victim was forced to go abroad to look for work as OFW because the Aquino government failed to provide decent jobs to its people, and now  that it asked for help for the last time to have the victim's body be repatriated back to our country for her family to be able to honor her with an honorable burial as the last rites the family can offer to their unfortunate daughter, the Capitol failed and refused to grant the necessary help.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Banat News, entitled, "Wa pagtabang sa OFW gisaway ni Garcia." It came out on Jan. 24/16.

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