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Virginia will  turn 97 this coming August 10,  2017 as she was born in 1920. But she is still very sharp and she is still reading newspapers. I was able to talk to her and engaged her in an animated conversation and I was able to find out that her parents were Irish (from Ireland) and they were 13 children in a family with her  as the eldest who  outlived  her siblings including her last living brother  who died in 2014 at 81  and was able to build a church in their neighborhood being the Parish Priest. Her maiden name is White. Her family name when she got married is Volsekki (the spelling is not quite clear but it sounds like that).

Her husband was a Bohemian who  served in the US Army together with his 6 brothers when the WWII erupted and  saw action in the war seeing the atrocities of Adolf Hitler towards the Jews and Virginia mentioned to me about the Auswiss concentration camp where the youngest brother of her husband was there and was able to see the place horribly sprawling with dead bodies of the Jews. She told me that the  youngest brother of her husband  came home to America a broken man, physically and mentally devastated by war.  Her husband at that time was already 38 so he was not sent to the battlefront but was utilized to do the paper works in the office. Her husband would later on become a senior official of a bank in America where he handled the mortgage department.

Virginia during her younger days served as the organist in her church for a 6:30am mass in the morning. She said she does not like modern songs but preferred the old favorites because they were melodious and good to hear compared to the present ones. She has four children, two boys and two girls, but one boy already died. Her eldest daughter is now 65 and is now in a nursing home where Virginia keeps on visiting ones a week. Her living boy grew up to become a doctor and the others are living with their family and are they are all considered well-off. I asked her if she was the Valedictorian in her High School class and she said no because there were others who were at the top but she was one of them.

This is a long story to tell but it's quite satisfying and amazing to learn that a 97-year old lady can  be as sharp and exceedingly intelligent to still be able to recall the important details about her life and her younger days. 

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