Friday, March 6, 2015


I can easily detect a slanted article written by a columnist like Neal H. Cruz. As for  his "tirade" against Koko's (Pimentel) sponsorship of a bill to exempt Manny Pacquiao from  paying taxes to the BIR, it is a well-deserved assistance duly earned by Manny especially that the BIR under Kim Henares is trying to make Manny's life harder  by subjecting the People's Champ to a debilitating effect of a political persecution to squeeze him dry of his finances when the BIR issued garnishment of his bank accounts and Manny has only heaved a sigh of relief when he was able to untangle himself from its crippling effects through his battery of lawyers who fought it out in court. It is already known that Pacman is allied with VP Binay's political party that is why political pressure is somehow applied to him because P-NOy is already  committed to support the candidacy of Mar Roxas in 2016 to become his possible successor in Malacanang. But the tax exemption proposed by Koko does not only focus on Pacman but to other people engaged in the same industry. I find it a laudable move of Koko because boxing is not like how Neal Cruz pictured it as a kind of "money-making game" because many boxers already die inside the ring. And if you are lucky not to die in the middle of a fight, chances are that you will most likely suffer "Parkinson's" when you reach old age like what happened to Muhammad Ali.

Footnote" This comment came out in connection with an article written by PDI columnist Neal H. Cruz, entitled, "What's happening to Koko?" It came out on March 2, 2015.

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