Saturday, March 28, 2015


You messed up the whole thing. While the "suspension order" of the Ombudsman was already known but under the law it still has to be personally served to Mayor Binay to make it effective, and if there appears to be some constraints and it cannot be possibly served personally, the law requires that it should be sent through registered mail. The "order" was not personally served to Mayor Binay as it was only posted at the entrance of the city hall but the person delegated to "personally serve" it immediately announced thereafter that he had already served it just by posting it at the entrance. Having served it, even if not according to what the law provides, they immediately let their own man - LP VM Pena - to take "oath of office" to clothe him with the legal requirements in conformity with what the law says. In other words, they were using "short cuts" to forcibly promote their own political plans to deprive the people of Makati from the services of Mayor Binay who was mandated by law to serve his constituents as he was the people's choice to rule over them under a free and organized election. The P-Noy administration wants to have the "law of the jungle" to rule in Makati in order to defy the rule of law as per TRO issued by the Court of Appeals. In a democratic country the "rule of law" reigns supreme as nobody is above the law.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with a news item in Philstar, entitled, "Junjun's case reaches SC." It came out on March 26, 2015. The above comment was in reply to an earlier blog posted by one who used a name, "alahoy."

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