Friday, March 6, 2015



Hain ang konsyensya niining pito ka buok konsehal sa lungsod sa Daanbantayan nga sila nagmagahi man sa ilang pag-uyon nga mohulam ug salapi gikan sa  World Bank ang lungsod sa Daanbantayan nga unta maayo man kini ug katuyoan kay aron katabangan ang mga tawo nga nahiagum sa makalilisang nga kadaot sa miaging bagyong Yolanda. Majority of the people of Daanbantayan should take note of these people who belong to the opposition party and see to it that in the next election they will be "thrown to the garbage where they rightfully belong." What a bunch of pathetic idiots!

Bisoy - (to D_BystandeR):

Pathetic, indeed, D_BystandeR! If you will read their letter of no-show and compare it to the reasons why they blocked the said grant, both reasons don't add up which  means they are shopping around for reasons just to suit their agenda, depriving the poor people of the needed programs that will surely benefit the whole town for generations to come. Example: they have been saying that if the town would make a loan, a tax increase is imminent. True or False? A big fat FALSE! Why? Because the town had already increased the tax rate last 2011 and the law mandates that it should be done at least once every 5 years though many LGUs would not do such thing within the 5-year-minimum.

Footnote: This excerpt is taken from comments in connection with a news item in  Banat News, entitled, "Pito ka konsehal miisnab ni Davide." It came out on March 4, 2015. What happened in Daanbantayan is entirely different from what took place in San Remegio town where the town mayor, with only 4 out of the total nine municipal councilors, was able to avail of the WB loan offer because the majority of opposition councilors helped the municipal government to avail that WB loan because they presumably understood that politicking at this time is not conducive to good government where the interest of the people in general is at stake to promote development for the town and for the majority of the people who really needs help to rebuild their damaged houses due to typhoon Yolanda.

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