Saturday, March 28, 2015


If P-Noy thinks he cannot cope up successfully the mental, physical and personal acumen of a good leader needed to lead the country, why didn't he give it up to other more qualified persons, why didn't he give it up to others who may well have the capability to rule the country without endangering the lives of our soldiers in some sensitive issues like what happened in Mamasapano? If he feels he has some unnecessary baggage with him that could hinder him from serving the country as expected of a true and good leader, the best thing he should have done was to be honest with himself and not try to accept it and make some terrible lapses after all. I don't think out of 100M Filipinos there is no one capable of leading the country effectively as what the Filipinos want him to be. But when he started his term and he accepted into his fold the "political butterflies" from GMA's party who were already notoriously known to have committed some corrupt practices under GMA, that presumably have already earmarked his 6-year-term presidency as having the tendency to be doomed in the long run because he cannot discipline them because they now belong to his political party. That is what made him "swell-headed" because most of the time they were only trying to flatter him even if he was already not in the right direction of his leadership to lead the country.

Footnote: This comment came out in connection with an article written by Atty. JBJ for The FREEMAN, entitled, "When a leader carries a wounded heart." It came out on March 26, 2015.

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