Friday, April 17, 2015

Kaban ni D_BystandeR: BANAY NAUNAY????

PRINCESS ANNE, MD (AP) - A divorced father and the seven children he was trying to raise on a kitchen worker's salary were poisoned in their sleep by carbon monoxide only days after the power company discovered a stolen meter and cut off electricity to their rental home, police said Tuesday (04/07/15). Delmarva Power said it did not cut off the family's electricity because they were behind on their bills, but for safety reasons after discovering the illegal connection March 25. Rodney Todd, 36, then bought a gas-powered generator and installed it in his kitchen to keep his two sons and five daughters warm. Friends and relatives last saw them alive March 28. "The children were all in beds, and it appears as though they were  sleeping," Princess Anne police chief Scott Keller said. "Probably it was bedtime and they decided they needed some light and probably some heat, because toward  the end of March even though it was spring we were having some pretty chilly nights." Police found their bodies Monday (04/06/15) inside the one-story wood-frame home  in Maryland's Eastern Shore after school workers, friends and Todd's co-workers knocked on the door with no answer. Why Todd had a generator running indoors wasn't clear. The chief ruled out foul play and speculated that had it been outside, the noise would have bothered neighbors.

Footnote: This news dispatch was taken from a news item in Yahoo News, entitled, "Family died of gas poisoning after utility cut power to home." It came out on 04/08/15. This is not the first time I read of the same news where a family died of poisoning by carbon monoxide. If you use a generator inside your house and it is closed with no ventilation outlet for gas exhaustion from the generator, it will surely produce a carbon monoxide and everybody inside the house inhaling the poisonous gas dies.

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