Friday, April 17, 2015


You try to justify the, time and again, proven recklessness of Trillanes? How soon do you forget his involvement in a failed "kudeta" where he was imprisoned for 7 years and he could have "rot" in jail if it were not for the presidential clemency of P-NOY. Trillanes' recklessness and clearly lack of foresight can be easily seen from anywhere he stands every time he opens his mouth. The fact that even what was considered as highly confidential information you gathered from an "executive session" was divulged by Trillanes but only that his statement was belied by theother personalities who happened to attend that executive session. And now he is trying to drag the august halls of congress by coming out with that highly libelous and unthinkable charges against the two justices of the CA and another prominent lawyer clearly abusing his parliamentary immunity where he was challenged by those whom he seriously maligned to repeat his charges outside the halls of congress so that he can see "what he was looking for." Anybody with a sound mind will not allow himself to publicly announce his charges without strong evidence to back him up except by saying he got it "from a reliable source." What a shameless kind of senator that we have in the person of Antonio Trillanes to behave like that and as recklessly as what he is doing now!

If only Trillanes is mindful or concerned to protect the interests of Pag-ibig members who were victimized by Globe Asiatique of Delfin Lee to the tune of P7B, he should not have allowed himself to be partial to Lee by allowing his lawyer to read a letter from Lee but he did not allow the same privilege to VP Binay's lawyer, where is fairness there? What for? Because Trillanes is eyeing for the financial help he can extract from the pockets of Lee to finance his political ambition as he is planning to run for Vice President in 2016. This is just one case where this man, Trillanes, will stop at nothing and will not give a damn to whatever happens to the Pag-ibig member victims of  Delfin Lee as long as his own political needs are getting the assurance of a big financial help from Lee.

Trillanes has no moral ascendancy to reckon with because he figured out himself in so many questionable cases, one of which, was his involvement in a failed "kudeta" he led during GMA's time where he was placed behind bars for 7 years. When he was out in prison, he made use of his PDAF by buying multicabs he sent to different recipients by overpricing them that made him now a millionaire. And he was found to own 8 expensive cars registered in his name but not reported in his SALN. And his latest expose, where he was subject of unsavory talks was when he disclosed in public what was discussed during an executive session where he accused some SAF officials as involved in a drinking spree inviting some military officers for the purpose, as what he pointed out, so that they can be rendered immobilized the following day, the day the January 25 Mamasapano massacre took place. This man is degrading his office by being a questionable source of "loose talks." And now he is accusing the Binays as having obtained a TRO from the CA by means of bribery. Trillanes has gone too far and he is not worthy of the office that he holds by acting like the purveyor of "fishwives tales." What a shame!

Footnote: This comment came out in reply to someone who calls himself "JVV123" who tried to justify the recklessness of Trillanes as pointed out by an article written by Atty. JBJ for The FREEMAN, entitled, "How easy to charge corruption, but can they prove it?" It came out on April 14, 2015.

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