Monday, April 14, 2014


There is no denying that the city government has spent millions of taxpayers' money to pay for the installation of CCTV cameras in different strategic places in the city in order to record important coverage of things that will provide the needed information in the event that certain government offices will need them in the future to shed light in a case like what is now happening where the DENR is looking for evidence to pin down the guilt of any party involved for the removal of trees in city streets that clearly did not follow the guidelines issued in how those trees should be removed and earth-balled to other designated places in order to preserve them and protect their existence in an orderly manner.

That idea is in line with the preservation of city trees which the city maintained for several years and also corollary to the need of protecting and maintaining our safe environment which is observed worldwide, if  only to stress its importance. Is it because WT Construction is one of the biggest financial contributor to Mayor Mike Rama's campaign funds during the election that some of our powerful and influential city officials are now trying to screw up the DENR's demand for the CCTV footage and that DENR can only have it through a court order which could have been easily issued and released if the city is not protecting the contractor involved in the fiasco?

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