Thursday, April 3, 2014


Tony Navarro:

Capa has only himself to blame for his current predicament. Imagine, a police official refusing an assignment. I would understand if he was refusing an illegal or immoral order, such as to shoot a convict or suspect in cold blood without due process. But his orders were a mere transfer of duty station, with new responsibilities. Perhaps, like any arrogant official in a relatively high position, Capa imagined that he was high enough and important enough to cherry pick his reward for Lee's capture. What he didn't remember was that he was merely Lucky enough to be the task force commander during Lee's capture. I was most struck by the revelation that Capa actually and initially refused the new assignment because he believed that he would not be eligible for Senior Superintendent or One Star General rank. That is a really stupid reason. Teachers cannot choose their own students,  but they are always expected to always do their best to teach them. Soldiers probably don't want to die, but their profession requires them to bravely defend their country and people. Presidents (and other officials) probably want to be popular and admired by everyone all the time. But the nature of the job includes making a lot of unpopular and controversial decisions. Bottom line: professionals always do their job whether or not they get a "desirable" reward. Capa forgot this amidst the dreams of personal glory dancing in his head in connection to Lee's capture.

D_BystandeR: (to Tony Navarro)

The problem with P-Noy is that he wants to have a military force that is dumb and ignorant of what is going on around him. And that he wants to give a model soldier who just accomplished the arrest of Delfin Lee who defrauded the government of P6.6B out of bogus housing loans with Pag-ibig Housing and who appeared elusive to a police dragnet aimlessly spread out for two years. His treatment of Col. Conrad Capa shows how ill-advised and misguided he was in his assessment of the whole scenario and unknowingly exposed his secret motive behind Capa's transfer to Cebu which was widely acknowledged as a punishment for having "erred" in the arrest of  a "sacred cow!"

gemarcher 23: (to D_BystandeR)

Agree, please tell Tony Navarro about this!

gemarcher23: (to Tony Navarro)

Easy to criticize when you are not on Capa's shoes. Please look at the circumstance behind the relief of Col. Capa. After a job well done for capturing a high value fugitive, you will be relieved of your position? Where is the logic behind it?

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