Monday, April 14, 2014



Voodoo, Witchcraft rolled into Roman Catholic religion is alive and well in the Felipepeng Nation! Thanks to the Roman Catholics for combining the two important aspects of religion, to become the super religion of its time. Manny, you have seen the light of God's hand, do not return to this witchcraft for it is an abomination of the one true God. Winning this fight with the help of witchcraft will not please God in heaven.

D_BystandeR: (to AkoyPagpagLover)

Are you one of the religious ministers or pastors who pestered Pacquiao's house and stayed in his mansion for more than a month with free board and lodging and who consequently earned the ire of the Pacman's mother and who warned her son that if he was not careful those ministers surrounding him in the name of propagating their religion will one day make him poor as a rat?! The actions displayed by Pacquiao's  mother - "Mommy D" - and caught on the camera in that fight is nothing but a furious outburst of a concerned mother who might have been so outraged with the controversial decision in the previous fight where Manny won the fight in the face of the onlookers but lost in a split decision of "two corrupt judges." There is no factual truth to what some believed as a kind of "voodoo" Mommy D was doing as seen on the camera. There is no previous report of Manny's mother as possessing and practicing some witchcraft power other than being a frank and a "fighting mother" who was curiously protective of her son from the "corrupt scheming" of some people who want to befriend him but their eyes are only focused to Manny's purse!

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